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programers: help me for my MI project


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i need to create background in order to change the background picture of the old scumm games...

So, i need a program (or just an help and i can create it) which transform a BMP in a CLUT file and a SMAP file.


The CLUT and SMAP file are used in Scumm Revisited: CLUT is the color palete and SMAP is the pixels map.



I've made a big project and it's my last problem ! Several programs (scumm16 , scumm revisited...) transform the backgrounds in a BMP or GIF file but i had never find a program which can tranform a GIF or a BMP to a background usable in MOnkey island 2.



How i can do for find it ???!!!!



Thank you !

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if you understand how the scumm backgrounds are recorded, so you could help me... i'm sure !!!! :D



i'm working on Monkey Island 2 (CD).

Several tools can show how the game is composed ( Scumm revisited, Scumm16....):

- The CLUT file is the palete

- The RMIM is for the backgrounds , it contain SMAP...


We can dump those files with Scumm revisited and i've create a tool who can replace those files by other ones.


That i wanna do is to find a tool which transform BMP (or GIF) to SMAP, RMIM or CLUT files !!!


After that, i have just to replace those new file (with my own tool) and we'll have changed the backgrounds of Monkey Island 2 !!!

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