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Sign up for the Corellian Corvette Mission


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Hey Gang... We need your help


I have the Corvette Destruct codes and I need every able-bodied PA member I can get to help with the doing the Corellian Corvette Mission.


I'm talking BIG GROUP here.


I'm going to set the date for Saturday July 17 at 4:00est.


So leave a post if you're onboard




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I have work so I cant go. But yea max is 10.

My bro did the rescue mission really easy.. Can be easily done if you know where you have to go. All you need to do is talk to the guy.. I dont know how hard this one is. Good luck.

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Oh! then I think I can help this time trying to get the ticket for the vette, the only problem is that I don't know who I need to talk with LoL I only know about the Imperial Guy, other than that I don't know where the neutral one is :p



Can someone tell me where I can get a cheap hemlet and chestplate? :p

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hmmm i posted a reply but the servers when down :(


again.. i dont know naja :)


ok.. here are the rules for our little hunt. ill try to get them to you ingame aswell.


1. be there intime... i dont want to be waiting like forever


2. be there full BUFFED!


3. Dont forget Armor, Weapons or Medicines


4. If you have pets. use em


5. Once onboard listen to the leader.


6. for sithsake when your ready to go... tell the l;eader when he asks so he doesnt have to wait :)


7. once on board.. never ever.. and i repeat.. NEVER EVER use an area attack.. well unless you want every superbattledroid to come on our asses and whipe us out.


8. when we go pleas be sure you have a high corsec rating. go to thye following POI's to get corsec ratings:

Afertu cave

lord nyax

rogue corsecs

drall cave


thats it :)


see yah there


Wraith 8

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i may not show..i got an interview an hours drive away at 1(2EST) and who knows how long that will be...its about scholarships and stuff, so naturally, it comes first..


good luck if i don show

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I feel like an idiot for doing this, but a family issue has come up and I will need to spend my weekend offline and out of town.


I’m sorry gang I really hate doing this.


But still, I don’t want to cancel the “corvette-party” I’ve suggested. I’m just going to find someone to give the Corvette Destruct codes to, hopefully Corzip, or Zennor, or anyone who would like to take them.


Arrggg…. Bugger.


Again, I hate to do this, but I have no choice.

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Originally posted by Jo

its ok man..ill be useless..pistoleer and fencer...wow....though with panic shot in smuggler, i can delay things for 10 secs....


why'd you get rid of that nice pistol combo you had anyways, you were kicking alot of kimogilia ass with it when we were all hunting, with that launcher pistol you must of been getting close or do more damage then i was with TKM

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