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new and need help


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hi, ive had this game for about a year and never played it but now i want to start, so i was wondering:

1:What tools to i need to edit models and skin

2:How do you then get the models into the game

3:how to you view models already in the game?

4:wats pk3


please help me

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You'll probably want the basic tool set released for JO by raven. There are several places you can download it from. Here's a link to the JKFiles download




ModView is a program included with the toolset, you can use it to view models already converted into .glm format, and is very useful for creating new skins for existing models. I have a tutorial on my site that can help those starting out with it.


For creating new models you'll probably want to check out a tutorial from one of the more experienced modelers. My personal Favorite is PsykOsith's tutorial.




.pk3's are the packed files that the game reads it's data from. They're similar to .zip files and can easily be read and created by winzip.

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