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Sig Pic Requests/Discussion


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Shrunk it down for you as i quite liked that sig (I was trying to find a way of shriking file size and keeping goodish quilty so this was a great excuse :)). Not quite as big as before, or as clean. dunno if you want to use that

Thanks. But I'm happy with what I have now. I kind of like it a little better.

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Can I make a request for sig? If anybody can make. If so, it would have Obi-Wan Kenobi in it somewhere and my username. If you can't it's fine with me.


u like?

i can change the colour or the brushes if u like...or even the text...or put a border on it if u like...

i beat u moeller :p

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*Reports bad post* j/k


we'll just have to wait for his verdict...



wut do u use for making sigs and wut not?

i use ps CS2...

Same, CS2. For this one I'm trying out something new, gonna see how it works. I'm hoping it will look good, and I have a good tut to follow for it. We'll see, I'm working on it right now.






You like?

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