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Sig Pic Requests/Discussion


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it's kinda hard for just me to suck up all the bandwidth on a T1 especially seein as how the building i'm in is supporting 3 T1 lines. the thing that really sux booty is that i'm not allowed to DL NOTHIN to my comp especially shareware and freeware. i can't even upload Photoshop 7 to my work comp to use during off the clock time. we aren't allowed to bring any software into the building AT ALL. and that sux booty. but all in all it's pretty cool.

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Im Back Everyone, I was back yesterday aswell but nevermind. Who wants a Lotr Sig? Here is some of my early work, I can put cool fonts on aswell. like my latest sig (the last one):
















There are alot more templates, but its best to just tell me what you want. And im not charging any points so just ask and I'll fix you up a LOTR Sig!! :D

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