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FAQ - New Players


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Basicly, I wanted to make a list of FAQ by new player about Multiplayer. This should be things people in game cannot be bothered answering or are really harsh and don't tell them. Please can you contribute to the FAQ by maybe asking questions, or for all you veteran players, putting a list of FAQ by new players. The point of this excercise is the create a simple, easy to read FAQ for new players to the JA community, so please keep it simple, short and sweet. Thank you,


Guybrush Threepsnud



Question: How do I open the console?

To open the console, press Shift and "¬". The button above tab.



Question: How do I bow?

This is an emote, and there various ones. For the different emotes, in the console, type...







...To name a few, some only work in some modes (For example, meditate only works in a duel. This is how to do emotes, but you may wish to bind them to a key


Question: How do I bind an action to a key?

To bind an action to a key, go into the console, and type "/bind <insert key> <action>". An example of this is...


/bind 9 bow

/bind t meditate


Basicly, if you were to press 9, your character would bow, and if you were to press "t", your character would meditate.

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Question: Why do the colours hurt my eyes?


You probably have the brightness on too high or have a medical issue that needs to be looked at by a doctor or optician. Thanks for the put-down, I just wanted to help newbies get into the game. People are still new to the game as it is cheaper now.

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heres a quick saber MP faq:


staff = single yellow dam x1.5 + blue speed


dual = yellow dam x 1.5 + yellow speed except while in blu


single= blue :backing defense vs all plus high offensive

yellow: defense/offense with ability to offensive parry

red: slow offense unless in use of aerials but great defense -home of teh defensive parry.


models in game but not readilly choosable without the /model cmd= somewhat "bugged" hitbox... you will see a lot of jawas because of this<coughs>


stay away from JA+ modded ffa's they are gaurded by 12 year old "honor" admin boys that will kick or ban you for something they do themselves, or put you to sleep when you surpass them in wins to make you reconnect back to 0


play BWN and make a league name at bladeworks.net for good dueling.


find the IP of amidalas chop shop... one of the only pure FFA's left in the game.


thats bout it im sure i missed tons but since he new that all he need to know for now.. :p

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If/when you finish this, please submit it to my strategy page (send me an email about it at kurgan@jediknight.net) and I will post it.



Unless you're just going to cover something I already have. ; )




PS: In descriptions like this, why do people always use the wrong slash?


When I type in commands it's \ , not /.


Just curious!

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Single Sabers



Blue - Fast, not very powerful.


Key Moves:


The lunge (upperstrike) - while on blue, if you crouch and attack once while going forward, it does a powerful attack that gets underneath the enemy. If your enemy does a kata, like the Duel Lightsaber spinning move, wait till almost over, and either do The Lunge (get the timing perfect, it's quite easy to hurt them badly), or the roll attack which can be done by all saber styles to my knowledge.


The kata - Although weaker than the others, it is faster and easier to hit people with.


Yellow - Medium Power, Medium Speed


Key Moves:


The flip/slash - If you have the yellow setting on, you can go up to someone and if you press Jump and forward and attack1, then you will jump over and flip in mid air. This is useful for suprising your enemy.


The kata - Not very fast, and not very powerful, stay away from using this kata, unless in an easier situation, like a VULNERABLE position, As I will describe Later.


Red - Powerful, But Slow. Takes Practice


Key Moves:


Strafe Slash - Just an average attack can wipe off a quarter of the enemies health, if not kill them in one with a lucky slash. It just all takes practice, and you can do this easily with computer enemies. If you STRAFE while you attack, then you can get quite a good hit in. Easily, strafe left and swing, your char will start to do a horizontal swing of the lightsaber, and you walk towards the enemy and turn your mouse to the left or right, going along with the way your char swings the saber. And then you back away after either hitting or missing. BASICLY, if you are against a red saber, let them swing for you, and then try and hack at them when they miss.


Jump - Okay, if you jump a lot while swinging for the enemy, you can sometimes get more swings in, and the enemy has less chance of hitting you. This is an effective defense while using such a slow weapon.






These are basicly vulnerable positions that your enemy might get in to, and you should avoid.


KATA GONE BAD (KGB) - If they do a kata and miss you totally, they will be stood there. DO NOT try and do a kata on them too, but wait till they are about to finish, and ROLL into them. Roll and attack, I mean. On red, this can devastate their condition, and make them a lot weaker. This is a vital point, so you do not give away free chances to slaughter them. On a BLUE saber, if you see them Kata'ing, and you want to strike at them, you can easily go beside them, or up to them, as it stops flinging the saber around and they are temporerily paralyzed, you should go up and do the LUNGE attack, as described before.


What you should do - If you are in the position of doing a Kata Gone Bad, (KGB) - then what you do, is hold a direction, such as backwards or left or right or... you get the idea... and keep whacking JUMP and ROLL. This will get you out of the way quickly and let you compose yourself. If they didn't get a swipe at you, then you were lucky.


JUMP UP - This is a technique I developed by myself (not seeing it anywhere else at all), but in some duel levels, you get different levels. Meaning, there may be stairs and the bit looking down over the lower grounds. If you jump up to the higher level, the enemy, if stupid :p, will jump after you. This is one time you can do a Kata. DO NOT do the Kata where you spin the sabers around you with duel sabers. This is just stupid and leaves you in a KGB position (KATA GONE BAD).


What you should do - Simply put down your saber and walk around up the stairs, so they will hesitate to attack you. If they are going to lame you, or if you think they are, I should say, keep your saber up, and jump up on the spot. This may trick them, as they commence the Kata ritual, as you jump up and take advantage of their KGB.




Thanks you guys, love y'all,





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yeah i have been known to win duels against staff and duals with blue single use only....^^( 11 swing combos-no spins)


you forgot rolls can be vunerable too and any vunerable postion right before you stall jump straight up in the air and if they happen to connect with a lunge it will be the minimal damage a roll stab will miss you completely unless they have excellent timing on it.

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