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hey guys, i felt creative today so i put some work into red sushie (you may or may not have heard of it)


i've got a question about the UI callvote section and the .menu scripts


i've designed a voteable function called gameplay that can change the server's force settings, weapon dynamics and assorted other things


for example


a player can do


/callvote gameplay instagib




/callvote gameplay noForce




/callvote gameplay jkpp


or /callvote gameplay basejka


the idea is that since the ctf community i belong to is so small that servers could get more bang for their buck



but , i want to have it accessible with the ingame callvote menu, but i have no experiance coding any of the menu UI stuff


i thought i could just copy the /kick or /map sections.. and get it to display a list of the available gameplay types instead of maps or players.. but the symbols refrenced in the .menus aren't in the code! so i'm sorta at a loss on how this part works


can someone throw me a bone here ? :)



if you wanna say hello to the refresh community feel free



the red slushie forum is in the middle of the page




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There is one file used by the menu code that is not in the codemp folder, but in another ui folder adjacent to it:




That file should contain the constants you seek in the .menu files, and it is the one you want to edit to add new constants.

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