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Cantina 13: Rebellion


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((OOS: For character information, see the discussion thread. ^_^))



Cantina, Mos Eisley, Tatooine


*Three shadowy figures sit in a back room. Lily Aren, Farran Darkholme, and Artemis Omicron sat in a back room. The latter two looked very nervous, while Aren was confident and smiling*


Aren: Mos Eisley, Tatooine, Arkanis Sector. I've heard it said you could never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy anywhere else in this galaxy. It certainly is an interesting place, isn't it?


Farran: So you Shadows have set up here? How did you get around the Hutts?


Aren: You really did get all-involved in the politics of this galaxy, didn't you? *She takes a drink* The Hutts were happy to have us. We paid out of our own pockets to rebuild the parts of this town - including this very Cantina - that were destroyed by Imperials. The Hutts got a great arms-trading deal and immense amounts of money from us in exchange for letting us carry on business here alongside them. Of course, they didn't know about the dimensional hub in the fabric of reality around this place, or how valuable that makes it to us. We paid pennies, really, compared to what we were willing to.


*She takes another drink and continues* This is our underworld debut in this galaxy. And our customers can rest assured that anything and everything we give them will put them right smack on top of the food chain. For the right price, of course.


Farran: This...this isn't good. You're interfering too much. The---


Aren: Having second thoughts, are we?


*Farran doesn't answer. Aren leans closer*


Aren: The storm is already here, Ariel Kasen. The Blades are looking for you. And they will find you, unless you have my protection. And you know what happens if they do...




Ulna Shardes


*A glimmering black ship slides out of nowhere above the planet. Nereli stands on its bridge watching the red orb on the viewscreen. Other Blades work the various equipment set up around the area. Rwos walks up behind him*


Rwos: I doubt you'll find anything here. The previous inhabitants and indigenous life forms were all wiped out when Imperial...er, their enemies destroyed the surface, raising the entire average temperature by several thousand degrees.


Nereli: We are not looking above the surface, however, nor are we looking for inhabitants. We are looking for what must have been left behind.

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*Ulna Shardes: Surface*


*The demons had been completely oblivious to the ship whom enter orbit...*





*A beautiful red headed female demon stands in her quarters, she's putting away her belongings. She'd just been stationed onto the new planet.


Her job is to oversee the other demons responsable in controlling the minds of the demons whom generate the worm holes in and out of the world.


She being somehow related to Lord Talon, her position to over see meny others was easy. Even not for that but her bloodline allows her to be even more powerful of a telepath.*


*When she finishes she walks over to her bed in her personal quarters, and plops down onto it. Laid back relaxed.


Then suddenly she senses something, faint, not nearby, several kilometers upward. Someone was in orbit!


She bolts up and runs to a comm built into the wall near the doorway.*


Woman: "Commander Eva to control."


*comm* "Control."


Woman: "Scan orbital area, 314.75 mark 56.39."


*comm* "Miam?"


Woman: "Just do it, thats an order."


*comm* "Yes miam."


*A moment later*


*Over load speakers* "Situational command to control, situational command to control..




*Talon's Quarters*


*Talon looks at the small red stobes light blinking after hearing the annoucement, he begins to walk to the door, then the comm goes off.*


*comm* "My lord, sorry to disturb you."


Talon: "Save it. What is it?"


*comm* "My lord, we've detected a ship which entered orbit."


Talon: "It was inevitable, prepare squads to intercept any landings, and let's not be hostile yet."




*Demons gather in an armory equiping themselves with personal armour, and resently gathered and tested E11 stormtrooper rifles.


They enter the portal room and await for the go on an intercept.*

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Ulna Shardes Space


*Rwos walks over to one of the Blades working*


Rwos: Can you tell me what you've found?


*The Blade looks up from her holoscreen. She looks at Nereli, who nods, then replies* Yes. Area scan complete, analyzation in progress. A large number of life forms have been detected, some human. They seem to be terraforming the planet. Newcomers, most likely.


Rwos: What you are looking for?


Nereli: *from behind him* They were called Vanguards, Rwos. They were created here.


Rwos: Vanguards? Yes, I was aware of them. Warriors, experiments that were created to fight the Force-sensitive beings of this dimension...it was in my reports. But they are no danger to us. Why look for them?


Nereli: *softly* Then you are not aware that the Vanguards used our technology? Executioner technology?


*Rwos' eyes widen. He hadn't considered that. But now that he thought about it, it seemed obvious...


Blades were not the strongest magical beings in their world. But Blade magic was a powerful amplifier. The Blade organization had no control over who was born with Blade magic. Fate, or random luck, decided that. The organization could only hope to recruit those beings once they started manifesting it. Most accepted readily.


Those who refused were usually unable to make anything useful of their power anyway. Usually. And then, there were the Blades that went rogue, betraying or attacking the organization as a whole.


To combat these threats, beings called "Executioners" were created. Anonymous warriors, they were essentially living killing machines...killing machines designed especially to kill Blades. They could be ordered only by the Blade Council, and were used only as a last-resort method.


They were a match for any Blade, because they were invulnerable to Blade magic. Besides that, they drew on their opponents power, able to exactly match it.*


The same principle applied to the Jedi here...that's how the Vanguard could kill Jedi...


*Nereli waits for Rwos to absorb that. Then he speaks again, in the same soft voice*


Nereli: Yes, the Vanguards are no danger to us. But you can understand the concern. Only a Blade could have stolen that technology. Only a Blade could have made the Vanguards.


*Another Blade calls Nereli's attention. He walks over, holds a short conversation and returns to Rwos*


Nereli: We're landing. Prepare your environment spells.

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*Talon and Jessica/Eva enter the control room from different sides. Meny salute.*


Talon "Are you still tracking?"


*Officer at radar* "Yes Mi'lord, they are landing."


Talon "Good, wait for them to land, give them some time, so that why won't expect that we were able to track them."

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*Meanwhile on the Far Edge of the System, the SSD Lucifer hypers in with it's support fleet*




*Deac's ship appears in a large hangar and is pulled gently to the ground by tractor beams. Deac exits the ship*


Deac: Where is he? Where's Syrnl?


Soldier: This way, sir. Follow me.

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((Thanks to the way things have shaped up in the previous thread, I'm going to assume that Jokemaster's 'Adrian' is still on my ship and I'm trying to get in contact with Greer, something that has not been easy for me.))



Somewhere in the Outer Rim



Tarila Vilnov rubbed her eyes. She had been staring at the galaxy, or more accurately, a map of the galaxy for far too long. She had no idea where Greer might be, but last they knew he was on Coruscant. Tarila shook her head as she thought of the events that brought them to the place they were now.


She could only guess that it had been discovered who had Adrian and they decided to attempt a rescue. Rather than risk destroying parts of Coruscant, Nom and Tarila went on the run, loosing their attackers in the vast galaxy. Tarila sighed, hoping they could find Greer soon.


Nom entered the room and Tarila looked at him.


"How's the prisoner?" she asked. Nom laughed.


"Angry as ever," he answered. "He can't believe he was foolish enough to get caught."


"We're not any closer to finding Greer," she told him. His smile faded and he shook his head.


"It's okay," he said. "We'll find him... somehow."


"Right," she whispered. "Somehow."

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*Deac is lead through strange corridors with machines on the side of them*


Deac: What world are we on?


Soldier: Alderaan. It's the information capital and seat of galactic government here.


Deac: And Syrnl?


*The soldier gestures to an alcove in the wall and leaves. Syrnl lies, old and weak, integrated into the wall*


Syrnl: Deac...brother...it has been so long and I am so sick...

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Ulna Shardes Surface


*The black ship lands. Rwos, Nereli, Gilian, and several other Blades disembark. Each one of them appeared to be encased in glittering bubbles, some with a sheen of one color or another. Rwos' bubble was light red, Gilian's was a darker red. Nereli's was clear*


Rwos: What are we looking for?


Nereli: We are above a facility where we believe Vanguards were manufactured. *to another Blade, a gargoyle wearing black* Morde, have we an entrance?


Morde: *in a deep voice* Yes, Nereli. *He consults a device in his hand and points northwest* Near the top of that small ridge. Buried. Won't be a problem.

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Ulna Shardes: Surface


*Around the blades the skies grew darker as their shadows that were casted on the scorched soil faded, thunder can be heard in the distence.*




Ulna Shardes: Command Complex


*The demons prepare to leave, while in the control room Talon sits down in a chair in the centre.


Suddenly an alarn that buzzed twice in the control room, and a computerised voice speaks on the loud speaker in the room.*


Voice "Warning! Warning! Atmospheric event! Dangerious chemical levels detected! Warning! Global Humidity Level reaching peak! Warning! Gobal Torrential Rainfall immanent!"


*Talon gets a grim look about his face.*


Operations officer "My lord, no worries, this was bound to happen. This facility is well equiped to withstand a flood of that chemical. I've already recalled all the workers and equipment back, and once the waters have receded. We'll should receive more workers to filter the water."


Talon "Of course that will take years to ackomplish..."


Op officer "Um, yes of course my lord. Is there a problem?"


Talon "No, but I could recall someone claiming that this planet's complete terraforming would have been completed in record time. No doubt that terraforming does take years to do, and looking at the mere current position of such, we've only begun."


Op officer "Of course my lord, but I'm sure you knew this already."


Talon "Forget it, send out the units, they should be able to naturaly ward off the acidicness in the rain water."




Portal room


*A group of twelve demons in ruined combat gear, a sort of SWAT tactical gear over platemail around the torso, reenforced with ringmail at the joints. Heavy, but flexible. A demon's increased strength over a typical human would have no problem with this armour.


For the individuals in the group there were meny big and tall, the smaller ones carried the e11's while the taller carried a blaster as a sidearm a large disupter weapon each.*


*In walked in a demon with features one would call perplexing...

He like Talon, had a set of wings, but he also bore a large loin's mane, and a rattle-snake tail coiled aroudn his waist. No one heard of his entry until he shook his tail.


All in the room stood at attention at the mere sound.


This new demon equiped himself with his own special gear. His armour held a more stronger power to protecting him then the others. He also wielded a single blaster, but kept a long sword with it own powers with him at all times..*


((Chimera from crisis))

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Ulna Shardes Surface


*A black, bizarrely shaped tent was set up over the spot Morde had indicated. Now two Blades face its opening, holding their hands extended, palms outwards. Their hands glow, and so does the "tent"*


Morde: Now.


*The tent explodes with light, and a flood of fine dust flows out of it. Morde turns to Nereli*


Morde: It's open.


Nereli: Then let us enter.

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Unla Shardes: Command Complex


*Talon sits in his chair leaning on his arm.*


Talon "Call it."


*the Ops officer nods and goes to a comms*


Ops Off "Ops to port room. You have a go on Hunt-and-detain."




Unla Shardes: Portal room


*Chimera nods, then holds up his index finger and spins it in a circle. The telepathic demons in the room nod, and they lower their heads.


A loud electric buzz fills the air*


Chimera *yelling over the sound* "Alright, we need 5 portals three per, mine and Kowalski's team will surround, detain, and return! Carter, Romeo and Harrelson, enter, detain all and capture the craft! Sanchez, Deveraux, you're with me!"


*Five perfectly flat and prefectly round circles form in a sort of a portion of a circle.


((mmmm circles))


The demons split into groups of three, and walk through their own portal. immeadately after they walk through they portals shut close behind them.*




Ulna Shardes Surface


*Two portals on opposite sides of Blades near the 'Tent', with terrain as cover, open and the six exit. They walk a few steps and the leader kneels with his fist up, signaling to stop.*




*The same occurence around the blade's ship, as well as terrain as cover, and like before, the demons exit and stop keeping themselves consealed.*

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Ulna Shardes Surface


*Outside the tent, Shane, Ida, Raschel, another gargoyle, an elf and an orc - the Blade entourage that Rwos had met on Agamar- gather with Nereli, each with their own differently-colored bubble sheen. Only Orion was missing.


Morde and a couple other Blades remove the black tent, revealing a pit in the ground. Rwos looks over the edge.


Twenty feet below, the tip of a building appears, with a hatch large enough for one person on top*


Rwos: A back door?


*The other Blades walk to the edge of the pit and dropped in. The gargoyle used her wings to slow her fall. The others fell, but too slowly, using a spell obviously.


Rwos and Gilian follow*




Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine


*Lily Aren was on at least her twentieth blue ale, and yet seemed hardly tipsy. Farran and Artemis, being ignored for the moment, had taken to staring at her in awe, wondering how many more she could drink before collapsing.


She had set up office in an underground room of the cantina. Apparently a whole floor or two had been added when the cantina had been rebuilt.


She was ordering another drink on her comm when suddenly the three of them were not alone in the room*


Aren: Sejhan? Don't you ever knock?


*She did not seem at all perturbed at the fact that a scarred-faced, robed figure had appeared out of thin air between them. On the other hand, the humanoid looked fairly disgruntled. He turned and looked over Farran and Artemis*


Sejhan: *in a sarcastic voice* I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?


Aren: No, not really. They're guests. Farran, Artemis, meet Sejhan. Sejhan, Farran and Artemis.


Sejhan: So where is my Jotun?


Aren: *sipping her drink* You shouldn't throw around a word like that. It's bad karma. Prophetically speaking, I mean.


Sejhan: Pardon my French, but I don't give a bupkuss about karma, lady. You've had plenty of time. I only have K'Warra for so long. You're not holding up your end of the bargain. Where is she and where do I go to get to her?


Aren: You above all people should know, Sejhan...*she sets down her drink* You can't interfere in this kind of thing until the time is just right. And that time is not now.


Sejhan: Will you Shadows ever stop worrying about your own necks? All you've got to do is point me in the right direction, and I'll take care of the rest. No muss, no fuss.


Aren: Yup. And we'll call you when we've got that direction for you.


*Sejhan storms out, passing through the door. He then pokes his head back in*


Sejhan: I'm warning you, if you get me screwed over here, you won't have to worry about what your superiors will do to you. Because---oh, forget it. I haven't got time for creative threats. Just---just don't. Or else.


*He disappears*




SSD Vigilance


*Admiral Jene Luthen watches Starr Hailfire's ship being tractored in on her viewscreen with a smile on her sallow face. She watches as Vanguard position themselves around the ship, waiting for the door to open. She could hardly resist a gloating chortle.


She turns to an officer*


Admiral Luthen: Put a call in to Supreme Chancellor Reletha Darkstar. Tell her I wish to speak to her. Tell her we have Sith Lord Starr Hailfire.

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*Reletha is asleep at her desk. She looks exhausted*


Comm: My Lady, Admiral Luthen on comm.


Reletha: Put her on.



Deac: What happened to you?


Syrnl: I sent Hilth into your world. You deserved the treatment far more than I did. I deserve to suffer for what I've done.


Deac: Maybe. How did you do here?


Syrnl: We took out the sith empire in about a year, mostly due to the death of their emperor. I was able to govern a short while before I fell ill. Now...Norl's project has kept me alive. I'm a cyborg now. And every day I become more of a machine as my cells gradually die. It's like a cancer, and for me the only cure is to become the tumor.


Deac: How long?


Syrnl: With all this? Months. Without? Minutes.


Deac: What are you planning on doing in that time?


Syrnl: My doctors have made me a power pack. I want to go back with you. I want to die on Atredis, under our sky.


*Deac is silent for a moment*


Deac: Atredis is in ruins. Lokpihet destroyed it.


*Syrnl snarls*


Syrnl: Child always was anger prone. How are they?


*Deac is silent again*


Deac: Both your sons are dead. I'm sorry. I tried to stop Lokpihet killing Orthos. I couldn't.


Syrnl: And Reletha?


Deac: Is leading the Empire these days.


Syrnl: All of which I'm responsible for.


*Syrnl disconnects from the alcove*


I'm coming with you. I'm coming to put right the galaxy. I'm going to do something good for once in my life...

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Ulna Shardes: Surface


*The two groups near the blade's group, slowly make their way up on them, being ever so silent and using as much cover as possible.


Meanwhile the three other groups surrounding the blade's ship, also using cover, and bieng careful not to be seen through any viewports.


Then they quickly but silently as possible run up to the ship, one group of three under each wing, the other directly in the back of the ship.*






*Irvine finds himself cover on an alleyway. He pulls out his comm.*


Irvine *to Starr* "Starr, appologise about the delay, I wad to deal with some republican Jedi loyal to the Supreme Chancellor, I found out later that she is a ring leader in the former separatists." *in a dissappointed voice* "She managed to escape me."

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Ulna Shardes Surface


*The Blades remaining above-ground gather up their equipment and return to the black ship.


The ship's engines flare blue, and it lifts off.


((OOS: Either your back-of-the-ship group moves, Scar, or they get fried >.>))


The Blades in the pit enter the underground facility*




SSD Vigilance




*Starr watches the group Vanguard surrounding his ship. There seemed to be six in total. Very bad odds. This was Irvine's fault...


His comlink buzzes*


Speak of...


Irvine: *over comm* Starr, apologize about the delay, I had to deal with some Republican Jedi loyal to the Supreme Chancellor, I found out later that she is a ring leader in the former Separatists. *he paused for breath, and continued in a more disappointed tone* She managed to escape me.


*Starr picks up the comm*


Starr: *letting his anger show in his tone* Irvine. Where are you?




Officer: The Supreme Chancellor will speak with you, Admiral.


*Luthen smiles*


Luthen: Supreme Chancellor Darkstar, this is Admiral Luthen of the SSD Vigilance. We have captured the Sith Lord, Starr Hailfire. I await your orders.

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Ulna Shardes: Surface


*The three under the engine, notice the engine beginning to turn on, they hit the deck real quick, flattening themselves on the ground.


As for hte two other groups around the ship, they bolt to the cargo door but it manages to shut close before they can get there.*


Kowalsky *over comm to Chimera, softly* "Sir, no dice."




*Chimera signals his group to stop so he can speak.*


Chimera *over comm also soft* "Alright, report back, and provide back up in 5."


*Chimera signals his group to continue, they reach the hole. One of them gets on his knee a few feet from the hole, and with a mirror he checks the hole, the hatch open and no one in sight.


The two biggest guys pull out a set of long rope and holding onto one end wraped around them, and lightly touching the roof of the facility.


Two by two they drop down, leaving the biggest on the top.*






Irvine *Over comm, clearly noticing the tone in the voice.* "Um, Coruscant, you didn't attempt to come after me did you?"

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Ulna Shardes Surface


*The first demon to drop through the hatch is met by a flaming sword to his throat. Holding it is a man dressed in what looked like black leather, with silvery metal trimmings. The pale skin of his face was broken by two blade-shaped streaks - tatoos? - under his eyes, which were blank white. His eyebrows and hair seem to be made of pure fire. He looks rather unpleasant*


Blade: Give me a reason to let you live.


Nereli: *from behind him* Don't be so hasty, Shane. Give him a chance to explain.




SSD Vigilance Dock


Starr: You fool, I was led into a trap. I will allow you to explain your unauthorized actions later. In the meantime, obtain a ship and make your way to the coordinates I am sending you now with all possible speed. *He transmits Irvine the coordinates of Luthen's fleet*

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Ulna Shardes


*The flaming sword cuts forward, burning ((? - if the skin can burn)) the skin of Deveraux' throat*


Shane: A French accent? Is this some sort of joke?


Nereli: *to Deveraux* Your superiors ordered you to follow us, did they?

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*Deveraux leans back feeling the burn of the sword.*


Deveraux "Of course I was ordered. We claimed this planet for our own. Of course you can ask him yourself."


*Unknowingly to the blades, Deveraux had his mic left on, above Chimera listened to everyword.*


Chimera *very softly into the mic* "Alright, Deveraux's in trouble, cancel that order to report back to base, I want you all here, now."


*about roughly thrity feet away, a portal opens and the nine that attempted to go after the ship walk through, and run up to the top of the hole. Half of them slide down.*

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Chimera "Hang tight Deveraux, we still got to smoke ya for rushing into there."


Deveraux "Since when was it our decision?"


Chimera *changes channels* "Alpha-tango-86 to bravo-hotel-7-6, we need a telepathic situtation read out, co-ordenates, hotel-9-0-4, charle-4-2-3."


*on other side of comm from the teleporter room* "Roger that." *a pause* "We can't get a good reading, we think there can be anything from five, to fifteen down there. We can sence Deveraux clearly, but the others, the life energy it far too blured and high to get an accurate count."


Chimera *with comm off* "****." *back on comm* "Alright. I'll figure something out." *changes back to normal channel.* "Alright Deveraux, I'm coming down." *turns off comm* "Sanchez, Romeo, if something happens, lob the crud out of this hole with c4, or what ever you got."


*Chimera gets to the hatch.*


Chimera *yelling down to the blades* "Let my man go, we'll deal with this civilized. Our intention was to detain, not kill. Maybe we could come to an agreement?"

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Shane: Let me put it in terms you can easily understand. Leave now, or you die painfully.


Nereli: *in a rebuking tone* No need to be so harsh, Shane. We know you are in contact with your companions, so surely you are in contact with your superiors, Deveraux.


*Chimera yells down the hole*


Chimera: Let my man go, we'll deal with this civilized. Our intention was to detain, not kill. Maybe we could come to an agreement?


Nereli: Unfortunately we cannot be detained at the moment. We request that you leave these premises, as they are not your property, and refrain from stalking us further.

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Chimera "You got it, but we talk first." *whispering* "Alright Kowalsky, Carter, take everyone back to the facility. Sanchez, Romeo, stick here."


*The demon squad reluctantly climbs back up the hole, and leaving Chimera, sanchez and Romeo.*

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