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[plz dont move] PETITION!

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We at massassi are starting a peyition to get the sith engine [the engine of the oringinal (sp?) jk and mots]we would like to be able to download [and update] this 7 year old engine for moding and edits needs go http://www.massassi.net <here





and to see what we can do


go there thank you for yere time!

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Wrong forum, but best of luck.


I think it would be cool to see this classic engine source released, but I don't know how willing LucasArts will be, given their track record.


Still, it's worth a try!

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Originally posted by imsoshort

i just noticed that the crow[ship] in the corner of this page looks like bull@@@@ compared to the jk one

That'll be because that is actually the Raven's Claw, not the Moldy Crow.

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