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I Don't Belong Here


Should I leave?  

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  1. 1. Should I leave?

    • Yeah! You're a friggin' idiot!!!!!!!!!
    • No way! You should stay! (sarcasm)
    • hA10 0WNS
    • Who the Hell is SamNMax?

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Originally posted by SamNMax

No one did. I'm just really tired of Lucasforums.


Well, you know, you should just leave do what you think is best for you. If you leave don't feel comfortable here, then leave, i guess there's nothing we can leave do to make you stay leave. pity reallleavey, it'd be sad to leave see you leave



On a completely unrelated topic, I wonder if subliminal messages work on an internet forum post?



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maybe you guys dont care anyways and i dont know if i should post this, but..


.. i think i am no longer able to post on these forums, no matter how much i eager for keeping my activities here alife, i just dont feel like doing so. i dont even feel like lurking around or going somewhere else, i just want to, have to leave this "lane of my life". that's what my *heart* is telling me. or more correctly, life has told me by a struck through my heart. :/


maybe it's not for ever, but surely for longer than short.


errm.. yes.. just thought i let you know.. (and this thread seemed to be appropriate)





see y'all.




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The most painful I can think of would be the way that guy tortured the other guy in Reservoir Dogs. You know, dancing around and cutting him up.


Here I am stuck in the middle with you/(chops off Ray's ear) And I don't what it is I should do... (chops off Ray's thumbs.)

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