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Well I haven't got the motivation to do a full battle report since most of those who would be interested were actually playing the game :p


I will give a brief overview though.


Game 1 saw Myself (Naboo), pbguy (Rebels) and Nitro (Empire) vs saberhagen (Wookiees), Viceroy (Confederacy) and Connemara (Rebels). I think pbguy hit saber pretty early on and crippled him for a bit. I was right next to Viceroy, and I'd just started whoring my air force - I only had a handful each of fighters and bombers - when Viceroy decided to send some artillery against my fortress. Right in the middle of his attack my range upgrade finished researching and he had to retreat the artillery, who were now in range. Instead of letting him go unpunished I sent what little air I had in to his base to take out the artillery and cause a bit of disruption. Once there, I realised how unprepared Viceroy was for an air attack, and decided to turn my small strike in to a full on attack. Reinforcing as I went along I proceeded to decimate Viceroy's base. Pbguy must have noted my success and sent his army in to join in the fun. Viceroy's base was for the most part destroyed, although he obviously still had a pocket somewhere as he didn't resign. Rather than hunt him down pbguy and I moved against saber, and after wiping out all of saber's resistance he promptly resigned. This in turn cause Viceroy to resign, and the Connemara folded too.


Game 2 proceeded pretty much as pbguy described above, though it wasn't as unbalanced as he would have you believe. The real killer as you may have gathered came in the form of my completely unexpected navy, with which I bombarded his fortresses and considerable anti-air contingent before swooping in along with saber and a small group from Viceroy to wipe him out. Nitro was next, and he wasn't going as easily. Viceroy dealt with Connemara, but Nitro was dug in hard and his defenses managed to decimate my air force. Eventually the combined attack from all three of use crushed Nitro too.


Game 3 was a 1v1v1 between myself, pbguy and saberhagen. I was chugging along quite nicely, having nabbed three holocrons, when suddenly I recieved the message that saberhagen had resigned. This always quite naturally instills a sense of dread in me, as any force I could muster would be less successful against pbguy than saber's would be. Sure enough pbguy arrived with a huge army of troopers, while I had only just begun massing air. He wiped out my base fairly quickly, but was obviously unaware I had started a second base, since he concerned himself with destroying carbon centres instead of hunting me down. By the time he realised I had a second base, I had my fortress up with a sheild and had amassed a good swarm of fighters, which quickly sent his attacking force in to a retreat. Yet he was soon back, and he proceeded to build no less than three fortresses and a shield generator in my old base, from where he could safely cannon my single fortress to rubble. My bombers were powerless against his hundreds of aa troopers and three fortresses, so soon I resigned. Ironically pbguy expressed his disappointment that I had resigned rather than be wiped out, when he will usually resign at the first hint that he might have quite an up-hill struggle...

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Originally posted by Admiral Vostok

Ironically pbguy expressed his disappointment that I had resigned rather than be wiped out, when he will usually resign at the first hint that he might have quite an up-hill struggle...

Yeah, but you're still able to go through my remains when I'm not there! :p


As far as that 1v3 whooping I took, I resigned from the sheer numbers aspect of it. I had no shot, and there weren't many, if any, re-inforcements on the way. At least I sent Nitro all my resources first . :confused:

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Though without Connemara he didn't really stand a chance if I hadn't annhialted Connemara they could have recovered since none of use had any sort of forward base near there with the the exception of 6 troop centers a power core and 2 carbon centers but that would have gotten qiped out in a heart beat.


PBGuy from what i've heard of you you could definetly have recovered especially since you had workers in Connemara's base.


that's why i never use air vostok because the confederacy has crap air even though in the manual it says elite geo's are sheilded which they most certainly are not.

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In that first game I was pocket right in the corner of the map and pbguy was pocket in the opposite corner, but he still managed to trooper rush me!


In the second one we had a trooper war that went backwards and forwards but I got pummel dropped and lost my CC when I was till in T2. Luckily Vostok tributed me loads of res (which confused me at first cos I didn't realise he'd done it!) so I could rebuild it and go T3.

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Unfortunately I probably killed a few of your troops myself when I didn't think and sent my bombers in to take out the pummels... :(


I had to ask you if you'd recieved the tribute, because for some reason it didn't put up the message "Vostok has tributed..." so I was confused too.


Viceroy - I think the Confederacy gets slightly better AA Mobiles, so I guess that answers your question. Still you need at least as many AA Mobiles as I have bombers, and I always have more than 20. :D

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Well, it was certainly one of the most intense games we've had so far, and one of the longest. As a result we only played the one game, but I don't think anyone was disappointed about that.


The teams were me (Naboo), saberhagen (Confederacy) and Nitro (Empire) vs pbguy (Rebels), Viceroy (Confederacy) and StarWarsPhreak (Trade Federation). Despite being interrupted a couple of times when saber's machine would get out of sync, the game got underway pretty quickly. Wary of a mounty rush from pbguy, I built a whole lot of troopers in preparation, and although when he did rush me he managed to take out a few of my carbon workers, I managed to head him off for the most part. It was clear that pbguy was getting used to playing against me since he was guarding holocrons with a handful of troopers, but I still managed to nab two of them for a comfortable nova flow.


I'd begun to amass my usual air force while defending against a few of pbguy's rushes. Nitro had set up a forward base right under Viceroy's, and when Viceroy started an attack Nitro called for help. I sent in my bombers and cleared out Viceroy's invasion force. Nitro prompted me to turn the defense into an attack on Viceroy, but my numbers were still pretty low as I'd just begun whoring air, so I decided to wait a bit. Soon later Viceroy attacked again, and this time my air force was a bit more sizable. Unfotrunately as I sent my fighters across the screen I caught a glimpse of orange on the middle of the map - there was a good chance pbguy had seen me en route. Viceroy appeared to pull back into his base, and I should have figured something was up. My air force smashed into his aa mobiles protected by shields, fortresses and aa turrets, and I was getting beaten down. I decided to retreat - and it was at that moment I realised pbguy had mounted a huge offensive against my base. Fortunately I had some backup fighters and bombers to complement the remnants from the battle with Viceroy - but it wasn't enough. Pbguy, well adjusted to my tactics, had brought a huge amount of aa troopers and a-wings, and whittled my air force down to nothing. I called on saber for assistance, who arrived just in time to head of pbguy. I began rebuilding, and fortunately everytime pbguy mounted another attack against me, saber was there on the flank to help me out. Pbguy's continued efforts against me were probably a combination of both the need to remove me to get to saber's flank and the need to seek revenge for the devastation my navy had caused last week. ;)


Saber established a strong presence in and around my base, defending against both pbguy's and phreak's attacks. Thankfully Viceroy was busying himself against Nitro so I didn't cop too many of his offensives. The game continued in this vein for a long time; pbguy continually had me on the brink of collapse but through the help of saberhagen I managed to fend him off. Amazingly it came to that point in the game where every resource had been consumed - the only patch of carbon left was in the hot zone on the border of Nitro's and Viceroy's bases. I still had a decent stockpile, but pbguy's attacks came hard and fast, without giving me enough time to adequately prepare for the next battle. Eventually pbguy overcame me and was running riot in my base. He'd taken out one of my two groups of airbases (I had eight in total in two groups of four) which slowed my production somewhat, and while I thought I was about to send his mounty swarm into a route, StarWarsPhreak executed a tactic that caught me completely off guard. He'd given his Workers Advance Programming - you know, turned them into sappers, something I've hardly ever seen done - and invaded my bases with hundreds of the little Trade Federation worker droids. This tactic was no doubt a result of the lack of resources other than food. Those sapper droids ripped through what remained of my base, aided and protected by pbguy's force. Soon, I was defeated.


With me out of the game, Nitro began to dispair; I could almost hear the panic in his messages to saber. Viceroy's army began to descend on Nitro's base while pbguy and Phreak's sappers ploughed into saber's base. I could see the excess of food and lack of other resources had forced Viceroy to change some of his force composition too, as he had included a number of Acklay and Reek in his army. The sappers were eating through saber's base on from the East while the Reeks were doing the same to Nitro's base from the West. In the midst, pbguy's mounties and a-wings ran amok. Soon, saber fell, and Nitro was on his own. In typical Nitro fashion, rather than just resign he sent his hover freighters to distant corners of the map to annoy the hell out of his opponents while they had to mop up.


An immense battle, but immensely enjoyable. It seems that against pbguy, my air-whoring no longer has much of an effect. Of course it's debatable as to whether any sort of tactic againt pbguy would have much of an effect. As a result, I made a public decision to take up Gungans in our next game - about as different from Naboo as you can get. I will return to Naboo in the future... but probably only when I'm not playing against pbguy... :D

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While it was a good write up, it still doesn't do justice to the near 2 hour epic that was played. We'll have to upload the file at some point.


The main point in attacking you was that either you or Nitro had to go first. Because on ice lake it would have been near impossible to get saber first seeing as we were each in the pocket. Call it luck, but I chose you first for whatever reason. That reason probably being I didn't want to leave you alone only to see a mass ass amount of air units flying over my base in the distant future. ;) So the assault was on. Coming southeast, on the outskirts of Phreak's base, I made a mini base of 2 forts, 2 troop centers and 2 mech factories. I took out a few forts with cannons. Each time i tried to attack with my units and AA units I would pretty much get all the units you sent at me... and every time I did that saber would flank me from the west and whack that army. Then I would have to send in the army from my home base to attack saber. After I'd get them, I'd assemble another army to seige Vostok. And the same thing would happen each time. However, for some reason I knew I'd be able to overcome them if I simply kept pumping out the armies. There were a few nice battles in that middle south-eastern area. Lots of back and forth action with units of every kind. And while we would fight there, I would see saber also send units towards my base. Thankfully there isn't a lot that's going to overcome and army of a wings and mounted troopers (my all-time favorite combo). A wings for the troops, and the mounties will own all other units. The air speeders are especially nice vs. the mechs as well.


At the same time, in the far western corner of the map, DK was having his own issues. Nitro was building a foward base with help from saber on the outskirts of DK's base. At one point taking out a chunk of DK's left side of his base. I sent mounties, a wings, and air speeders to help when I could. Though at one point I got worried seeing Nitro was nearing his spaceport. It was imperative to me that the SP wasn't vulnerable or wiped out. So I also sent a group of about 40 repeaters to help hold the lines. We kept them off for awhile. The battle for the western corner would not be decided until right before the game was decided.


Meanwhile in the far east, I noticed saber had also built a small base there as well... great... So the fight raged on. After many (failed) attempts I got fed up with my strat and I had to fight fire with fire. I did something I almost NEVER do... My stubborn butt finally researched the advanced fighters. :) Now it was on. My fighters came of the base in the far east and took out Vostok's air.

Then the a wings got the troops, and the mounties took out all the power cores making most of saber's buildings relatively useless. Soon, the troops and assault mechs followed and the eastern base was gone. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't all on my own. Phreak's HDD's were very effective vs saber's repeaters, as well as all other ground units. Then one of the funnier things I've ever seen happen... Since we'd exhausted all of the resources on the map, Phreak sent his workers to attack! TF worker droids were on the move and reeking havoc on all that stood in their way. Buildings stood no chance!

The assault then moved into phreak's base. Fighters got his fighters, then the mounties got all the power cores. Then, I made for the jedi temples. Bye bye holocrons. Then we made for the CC's and spaceports. saber's aid wasn't enough after awhile and Vostok was done for. We then sent the assault to saber. Mounties levelled all in their way, and now my 20, fully upgraded, jedi masters were on the loose. Converting power cores, troop centers, and to add insult to injury, nurseries. ;)

Saber was overcome.

At that point, the mass of orange and teal moved west. To Nitro. Where the battle for the western front was still raging. He could not overcome 3 armies. Not many could. Jedi converted all his shields and power cores. Workers, uh... worked on attacking. And soon enough, after being beaten down to 1 worker, and air transport and a pummel... Nitro was hunted down and defeated. And thus ended the major epic that has since been dubbed: "The longest game we've ever had so far."

There is probably a lot I left out, as the western battle raged for a long time, and while I supported in it, I wasn't the major player involved. Other shall fill in the blanks where needed.


The final results:








Unfortunately, I cannot post the game, since my saved file only goes up to the first out of sync message we got.

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I think you meant Vostok's base, not mine :p


And My AA Mobiles and Destroyer Droids were very helpful in yout battles. Especially when I finally had a sizable amount to fend off Saber's AA Mobiles and Mech Destroyers. I also remember taking out a little snippit of Vostoks Air force that he sent against me.


I wasn't really low on resources, but Nova was kinda slow with each hovercraft giving about 20 per drop off. I had a lot of food so I thought I'd build some workers and use them while I build my Destroyer Droids.


Ya gotta admit, it worked :p

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forgot about those mobiles.


my mini base was on the outside of you walls on the south side (hehe, walls...).


Look at the achievement screens i took after the game ended... You think you had a lot of food? I collected almost 200 THOUSAND more units of food than you! And I traded a lot for some extra nova too.

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Everyobody already knows how we started off and since I'm no fan of repition i won't go on about it.


about a quarter of the way through the game I established a mining camp near a very rich patch of nova, I knew the Nitro was in the general area so i sent a small army forward to protect my command center behind a barricade of prefabs. Then a little later having built mainly AA since whenever i'm against any air whorer i'm always the first attacked. He ripped into the barricade of prefabs but when i relalised what was happening I sent my small combined arms force down to the sides of the prefabs to get any stragglers while i held nitro off. after a while I broke his attack and anhialted his forward bases forward base. and went for a quick countrer attack into nitros base which after doing more damage in terms of resources than nitro had done to me, his resistance stiffened and my army was overwhelmed by that time Saberhagen had started commerce raiding on my primary trade routes to Phreak so I increased hovercrafts to PB's spaceport and took advanatge of all the nova my trade bonus could garner. meanwhile Nitro had launched a simoueltaneous pummel drop and offensive i destroyed the pummels and the attack force which came a few minutes afterwards really caused trouble leaving me with an increadibly thin line of prefabs left. however a horde of workers i had been building i had garrisoned. it was at this time PBGuy cam swarming in with A-Wings and put pressure in while mounites took out the rebuilt forward base forward base and my forces swarmed in again by that time i had my AA mobiles fully upgraded and was preparing to have mobile defence points, my attack force against nitro was demolished by Vostok's first and only succesful air attack against my forces, he retreated afterwards fortunatly for me since my air defence was not yet strong enough to repelling vostoks swarm. however it was strong enough to destroy a string of pummel drops which never landed. it was at this time that nitro attacked again and did considerable damage and nearly broke through my lines but by then the huge orders i had placed were finished at my new mech and troop facilities which i had built in large quantities away from the front lines. i then threw nitro back and did the unthinkable. I built a fort next toi my command centers and built a sheild generator fully upgradded them and prepared a trap. my newly revitalised forces wreaked havoc until a vostok air armada was seen inbound by PB and which i had also seen after PB mentoined i pulled back and got everything in position. I moved half of my air dfenece force to the area where i expected the blow to fall and spread the rest of my air defence force throughout my rear areas because Nitro had taken to TIE raiding me which forced me earleir to build loads of AA { now vostok now knows why he lost his air armada } anyway Vostok fell into my trap and completly decimated his air armada for the cost of 30 troopers and 2 mechs. I had no plans to attack anyone else at the moment as Saberhagen's commerce raiding had peaked and i discontinued all trading with phreak since it was too dangerous and by that point my base and PB's base had merged at the ends so there was a secure trading route so i exploited that as much as possible and as such got the highest trade income. Shortly after this carbon began to run out map wide and i finally started to construct a prefab wall around my increadibly vulnerable sides since saber had also started toi commit his forces to the fight and i was afraid they'd attack my horribly vulnerable sides since they new about them from vostoks and nitros flyby's. I had also started to field Geonosian warriors and launched my latest offensive which looked like it was gonna break through but failed by an uncertain margin. by then carbon supplies had grown critical so i used the Confederacies trump card Trainable Animals. by then my forces were near fully upgraded and vostok was being wiped out by a leisurley offensive by PB and Phreak my sole contribution to that arena was my sizeable carbon operation in the vicinity which discovered sabers base their so i built a pair of advanced turrets in the middle of the area and garrisoned them taking out a sizeable portion of vostoks wrokers before he reatliated and then shortly after that area was under attack by the combined armies of PB and phreak.


meanwhile the western front was far from quiet


Nitro's latest offensive came close to breaking my tenuos lines but i managed to bring down the confederacies iron might in one swift hammer blow and was running amok in nitro's forward base and built a small forward post containing a lot of AA advanced turrets and a sheilded fortress to divert nitro's attention away from what i was preparing to field. I had done the unthinkable i had been forced to resort to assault mechs which i used as part of a combined arms force almost broke nitro but I withdrew them before they could be destroyed and he took out my forward outpost by which time the rest of my army was formidable and i then broke nitro's next attack and threw these in but saber and nitro's iron resistance threw back my attack and destroyed several assault mechs together their lightining offensive managed to cull my farmers and even come within line of sighjt of my troop facilities but fortunatly PB came swooping in and blasted a good portion of them away allowing me to regain the intiative with a now considerable force of Assault mechs and a huge force of Reeks ackalys heavy artiullery strike mechs mech destroyers and troopers. by then i had researched every technology avaible to the confederacy. nitro's and sabers next combined offensive was annhialted and Phreaks' first force of droidekas was destroyed en route unable to defend themselves from Sabers mech destroyers so i continued my facade of launching sporadic attacks until i knew phreak was ready so i asked for his help then and his small force contained what i could not afford to put in { in case nitro attack with air in my base i couldn't transfer my aa to the army } the Sledgehammer descended upon nitro's forward base taking it apart in record time finally the way was clear the stalemate broken and the siege lifted. the ONLY remaining carbon patch had been liberated which i eagerly exploited as well as the 17 clumps of noiva in the area which fueld mine and phreaks continuos assault against nitro to prevent a recovery by nitro but with saber now on the brink the writing was on the wall, and by that time it was cheap enough for spy net and after a brutal blitzkried nitro's main base was destroyed however a small splinter force walked right up to my bassd and into my newly completed prefab wall and was sumarrily destroyed by PB's Air fleet.



Nitro why don't you post up your side of the conflict since our western front saw more action during the entire game then any other area. That hot spot KEPT chaninging places noone ever had it long enough to exploit. though that final battle would have decided it since if my army had failed i would have been doomed that was all of my forces including my reserves and counter attack would have ripped through and possible even gotten into PB's base and done some damage before it could have been stopped.

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Well, I don't remeber every single detail, but I do know that it was back and worth the whole time until I was destroyed by reeks and acklays. Everytime I destroyed one of your batalion of troops it was like another one came out of no where. Then you'd kill my troops. Then I'd kill yours. Back and forth for all eternity.


The farthest I made it into your base was when a god bit of your prefabs were gone and there was no new army. I began building some cannons and some artillery to go after your trooper centers. Then all of a sudden pbguy comes out of no where and chases me off. Then he leaves, which left me a bit puzzled. So I go back only to find yet another wave of troops and mechs. That was about as far as I had made it into your base.


I think it was two times before you defeated my base you managed to get really close to my fortress and command center. Vostok helpeed me repel you the first time and saber the second.


Everytime I cleared you out I tried to build my base closer and closer. After you came close to my base once I see a fortress and turrets and a shield generator. I take those down with cannons. Then more mechs and troops come.


Eventually You build alot of assault mechs which probably could have owned my base at the time, but you did not attack with them. They were were defended your base I guess. I did have the resources to build any assualt mechs, so it was a downward spiral.


Other Stuff:


*Some events listed may be out of order. It was a long battle afterall:p


**you/your = DK_Viceroy


***I cost me around 700 nova to get 100 carbon. Food sold for 14 nova. Eventually it took to long to click and I couldn't fight at the same time.


****I should have had a second holo but I left my sith holding it in the middle of the map for like 5 minutes and pbguy killed him. I was crushed.


*****Great Game

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