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I Found A Great KOTOR Fan Site Take....A Look!


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Hello There KOTOR Fan,


I have somthing splendard to share with you today:) and boy am i happy to share with it with you. I have always been looking for a sight like this and the other day i finally accidently somehow got lead to this site (The force led me there!)



i have always been looking for a KOTOR site to discuss things and to try and find bastillla art and stuff and the crew art and i got lucky all of you who are reading this forum can head over to this wonderful site




at this site you can post you postive thoughts about the crew of the ebon hawk (you can wine about Carth or you can dream about Bastilla if you like)


This site is shore worth a look and I have found things there that i have been looking for 4 ages and yonks well I hope you enjoy!


Well what are you waiting for? get to it!


(P.S feel welcome to post thoughts about this cool site)

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i usually visit this site often it has a large and very good quality of Fanfiction


also here something eveybody would like


An Extract


"If you have made it this far in my little report, I have a special treat for you. The absolute most amazing news I got from Mr. Mike Gallo is that in the beginning of the new game, NPC’s will prod you with subtle questions regarding how your previous game ended. Were you lightside or dark? Who lived? Who died? So, characters that died in your first game will not show up in your second and makes it a much more customized and seamless gaming experience!"


here's the site


KOTOR 2 Info

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Originally posted by MASTERA'ZUREN

http://www.knightsoftheoldrepublic.com Is the best and if you are looking for some good forms go there, or any info on kotoror 2 it is there all on one ssite

*wonders how a site can be "the best" with relatively few members and almost no mods*


I'm seriously getting tired of people using these forums to market their own crappy sites.

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Originally posted by FiEND_138

^^ Thats great!!!! :animelol:




Indeed. If I see 1 more Bastilla gush thread, I'm gonna.........I'm gonna....

Luckily, it appears that the mods have started to crack down on the soft core Bastila pr0n stuff that people have been posting.

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Although I believe advertising sites without permission is wrong, don't be deceived at Master 'Zuren.


At least we try. And remember - LucasForums is the official place to discuss Star Wars and everything related. Fan sites are related to one thing, and don't get as many people to join in on them.

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