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Whats your heritage?


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My Mother- German, English, Swedish, Native American Indian, (Cherokee) more that I don't know of.


My Father- English, German, Irish.


I know I'm more, because my grandfather from my mothers side left my mom an grandmother, and he died. My grandmother is dead too, so I dunno what my mother's Dad's heritage was.

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I have a little bit of everything...mostly European (especially Irish), plus Native American (Cherokee, IIRC - may have been a different, more Californian tribe; I really ought to ask my grandmother again). And then there's little bits from pretty much everywhere in the world.


In summary, I'm American. :D

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If you don't look the time when Finland was under Swedish, then Russian, then Swedish and then Russian rule, full 100% Finnish! Boo-yeah! Bow to me, as I am the allmighty Linux-user, the Roleplaying emperor and the Super Sith lord! Bow to me and my Kirby-Dark Jedi! [insert madman-laugh here]





Why you looking at me like that... No, don't that baseball bat from the corner... Oh, don't do that... Not the precccioussssss...


Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww... ...

*Crashes to the floor, holding his 'jewels'*

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