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Twi'lek male Jedi

Cosmos Jack

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I have been wanting a Twi'lek model for some time now and nobody has made one. So I thought I would take my hand at trying to do it. I really have now modeling skill so I thought the Mace Windu model would be a good base to start with. I actually altered the head a good bit but nothing much else.


Here are some render screen shots.









I don't take any credit for the model as it was made by Toonces and Tex360 and if finished I would get their permission first before putting it out.


I have no ability at modeling so I'm kind of stuck at the point. I can't get texporter to work right so I can make a texture for the head. Other then that it's finished thought I have no chance of figuring out how to rig it.:rolleyes:


I'm open to any ideas on how to make it more Twi'lekish and any help in getting it in game would be nice:D

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looks like a good start, i too have been waiting for a male twilek for sometime, but im a lazy peice of **** so i knew i wasnt going to start even trying to model or anything :D


are you going to modify the robes and stuff so it doesnt look like mace windu's robes as much?


and have you considered doing it as a new species as such like have different places the tentacles sit like the female twilek?

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Originally posted by CodeDrifter

Very nice Robes, though I'm not a fan of the Twei'leks otherwise I'd use the model.

:o Hmm ok lol


Originally posted by CaladienJedi

Looks like mace windu's body

:o Really WOW!


I didn't do the body or the textures for it and I stated that. It is Mace's body I said that in the post.... All I have changed is the head.


Changing the robe and making different variations is really kind of pointless since I can't finish it myself. By the time I take the time to learn how and get around to it there will Jedi Knight 4.


I was mainly asking for anyone that would be willing to rerig it for me. If someone would be willing I wouldn't mind editing the model more. The head, robe, and such. Otherwise it's just going to sit in a folder where it has already been sitting for a few months.

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Well I'm glad everyone likes my head COUGH COUGH. ;) Well what I did to the head that was already there. I would really like to see it put in the game though.


I still can't get texporter to work right and like a I said rigging is just out of the question for me?


Does anyone think Toonces and Tex360 would be interested in rerigging their redone model?:o Toonces did Kit Fisto. A great model but, horrible character. Could have easily done a Twi'lek. or a head a lot better then mine.:( Though I'm not aware of any prominent Twi'lek male Jedi in the prequels.

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Originally posted by LightNinja

i think the lekkus start too soon, look the twilek of SWG as reference


Bib don't look much like the ones in SWG. http://www.rebelshaven.com/Images/TwiLeks/BibFortuna003.jpg


If anything I need to make another set of lobs up front and stretch the head back. Maybe add soem length to the lekkus. Though I don't know if i wan't to make it as ugly as Bib. ;)




Originally posted by LightNinja

anyway i think the only bad thing i see on it is that the top of the face is a little bit planal

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Whoa man, looks awesome!!! i hope u get help.... Ive been serarching for male twileks for a long time...Best wishes :)


Hey, here´s a photo of a fat male twi'lek guy:




its Orn Free Taa


Also, another shot from bib fortuna





Hope it helps!

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I love your work on the Male Twilek. As

Stake Black shows in the Bib Fortuna picture, male Twi'lek craniums are more cone headed than humans. This is rather consistant in Bib Fortuna, Oola, Lyn Me, Aayla Secura, etc....


Otherwise it looks AWESOME!!!

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