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Twi'lek male Jedi

Cosmos Jack

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Originally posted by Cosmos Jack

Hmm Skinning the head would be nice. I guess if I get around to it I can make different variations of the head for different characters in SP.


All of that doesn't really matter if there is nobody to put it in the game.:o


Different colours too :D


C'mon, dont be so negative..I bet LightNinja can do it, if he is not too busy...What do ya say LightNinja?

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How do you guys find these old dead threads?:rolleyes:


Sorry I through this project out the window already. I don't even think I have the files anymore. If I were a little more popular in the JK community I'm sure someone would have helped me out with it, ( I see that all the time on here.) but I'm not going to beg anyone. I'll ask and that's about it. :o


It wasn't any good anyway and if anyone really cared enough about Twi'lek Male Jedi in game? I'm sure some Elite Uber Modeler would have already done one.;)


By the time I learned how to mod and change things in the game I became real digusted with the community here. I really can't justify doing crap unless for myself. :o

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