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I'm famous! (Well, sort of)


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Has anyone seen the recent edition of Retro Gamer magazine (the one with Beneath A Steel Sky on the coverdisc (even though you can download it for free))? Sure, it's Very Cool that this game is getting some great recogition and there's also a large interview with the Revolution guys.......


But the REALLY cool thing is that MY description of BASS (taken from MobyGames) appears on the front of the magazine!


It was pretty weird, because I instantly saw BASS on the magazine racks and was thinking "cool", then I noticed the quote and thought "damned straight!" and then, "Hey, wait a minute....".


Well you may not be too impressed, but it sure made my day!


Here's the original "review" of BASS on MobyGames if anyone is interested:



Here's the Retro Gamer site (it looks like a cool magazine, actually, but it would bring back soooooo many memories that I'm afraid to read it!): http://www.livepublishing.co.uk/retro/retro6.shtml


The quote on the front of the mag is: "One of the best adventure games ever made. Intelligent, funny and utterly brilliant!"


Best Quagmire voice: "All-riiiight"

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