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invisible mode?


do you use invisible mode?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. do you use invisible mode?

    • i do [love you, das*]. *brackets optional
    • i don't.

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Originally posted by Siv

i used to, i don't know why exaclty... i just liked being invisible i guess.


now that i'm a mod i thought it would be better if i wasn't.


In trying to stike fear into the hearts of board members everywhere, Siv reveals himself from underneath his invisibility cloak to having been here the whole time! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!


I don't.

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Originally posted by Das Mole

nice third option, people :¬: there's also no way in hell that by now 20 people would've already voted...nice. i pity you :disaprove


well, not really. wadeva.


I'm gonna come right out and say that it wasn't me. It was actually gonna be me, but I got there and realised that 15 people had already voted (and I'd know if a moderator had changed it) so I just left it alone.

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Ha, you are all carpetbangers who indulge in incongruous baboonery.


Thank goodness you can’t see my cutting remarks as I am in invisible mode. Had you seen my crude remarks, I would be subject to quite a comeuppance.

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