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i want to join this pa but im allredy in a pa i want to hear the pa's offers what free stuff will i get if i join and do u guys have a city if u do tell me plz i also want to know how many ppl are in this guild


this is in the skylla server write


well if it is my game name is opiro strotiss im in tat by the tusken fort most of the time. i am currently on vacation so u wont be on or maybe i can find a way to screw up the vacation so i can play lol i probbably will in a coulple of days like 4 or 5 so send me a mail and when i get there i will read it


my skills are:


brawler: 4/3/1/0

scout: 3/3/4/2


bio-eng: 2/0/2/0

marksman: 0/3/0/4


:fett: v.s. :atat: v.s. :amidala: = winner baba fett

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