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The only part about it I didn't like was...

when the jewish chick shoots the gnatzee soldier, then he starts moaning, so instead of shooting him again (preferably in the head) she walks over and he shoots her. It just seemed so cliche.



Yeah, I really mostly had problems with the scene where Diane Kruger's character is introduced, because they were in that room for enough time where it really felt like the scene dragged on, especially considering the film didn't really progress much during the scene. Especially since everyone except Kruger's character dies and it takes us 20 minutes for her to spit out Hitler's going to the premeir... I can't spell that word in english, French is relevant so have that.


Although, best part of the film was "Bone-Jore-No." HANDS. DOWN.


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I was actually pretty disappointed with the movie :|

Same here, in the end I felt like Tarantino started out with a potentially great idea (the violent and ruthless anti-heroes wrecking havoc in nazi-occupied france), but then he fumbled it away by making it into an awkwardly-paced revenge-plot. Instead of showing things that would actually be interesting

how did the "Little Man" get captured? What was the back story of some of the other Basterds?

, we were treated to pointless conversation between the bitchy Jewish girl and the German sniper. Oh well, I guess pointless conversation is Tarantino's trademark. Even though I can appreciate some of the "subtler" themes of cinema as brutal entertainment, I still felt unfulfilled by the ending, since it just seemed to drag on and on.


On the positive side, I thought Cristoph Waltz as Hans Landa was absolutely brilliant and stole every scene he was in, and the bar scene was extremely well done. Not even close to being a masterpiece though, and this is after my second viewing.

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On 9-9-09 I purchased the following in honor of The Beatles:




Beat the game first night i brought it home. 5 starred every song. Planning on going back through with higher difficulty settings. I just wanted to see all the animations and unlock all the venues first.




This is the 2003 DVD version of the 1995 mini- series that was designed to help sell the Beatles "outtakes and rarities" cds known as "Anthology". If your a Beatles fan, the best part of Anthology was the mini series itself because unlike most Beatles documentaries this is the band talking about themselves through they're point of view. George Harrison was still alive during the time of this recording. There are 11 hours worth of performances, and behind the scenes footage here. Unless you are a true Beatlemaniac you will be bored to tears. It's an 8 part series plus extras on 5 DVDs.

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Picked up Braid on Steam yesterday. For anyone who hasn't bought it, it's marked down to $5 so there is no excuse not to get it.


I beg to differ. What if you spent your last $5 on a discount/refurbished hooker?


Anyhow, the magical internet fairy's that sounded vaguely like pirates delivered me a present today.




Absolutely fantastic CD that will be receiving heavy rotation in my foobar2k. My only gripe with it is that half the tracks sound more Brendon Small than Nathan Explosion. The Cyborg Slayers is absolutely amazing.



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Touch screens are inferior to buttons :carms:

They've got all the bases covered, it seems.






I was going to post a picture of a simple rotary dial and say "Buttons are inferior to dials" or something, but when this came up in image search, I lol'd.

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Did 44 Alphonse Mucha works today, I'm on a roll.



Also, did more character detail in Musashi... there are A LOT of named characters.



Got my 10,002nd kill in Battlefield Bad Company, earning me 30 pts with the Beans, Bullets, Bandages achievement. Took me 152 hours of online gaming, too. One heck of an achievement... hah. Anyway, that pushed me over 30,000 achievement points, so yay.

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