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Well, I got two pairs of Jeans today, as well as 3 shirts, but the douchebag who worked at the store (who we've had issues with before) left those damn things that explode ink on the jeans. The shirts are nice though.


I also got a relatively cheap 20 gig hard drive from off of Ebay, so I can turn this comp into a server, and use the other one that only needs a hard drive, so I'm happy as hell.


But now the waiting begins :(

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A very good thing is that I have found a new place to play inline hockey because the place I was playing at unexpectedly went out of business without letting us know until the start of the new season.


I should be starting up with hockey soon and that is a good thing.

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Last night my headphones finally broke, and I don't mean the sucky ones that cost 3 bucks, my 20 dollar headphones that I've had for about 9 months. Coincidentally, they're also the ONLY ones that work with my elctronic drums that don't make it sound like 90 percent static 7 percent cats getting hit by mack trucks, and 3 percent hawthorne hights.


Unfortunately enough also, I have to learn a song by saturday, and I only have it down about 70%. I also ran out of money, and was gonna have to beg with my parents, but fortunately some desperate kid gave me 20 bucks to make him a myspace page and pimp it out a little bit for him. So tomarrow I get new headphones :D


I got a new primium hacky sack at Zumiez for 7 bucks, and it came with a cd with some pretty ok music for free :)


Also, hot dog on a stick and a large fresh squeezed lemonade, I mean he ran out with the dude in front of me, and made a whole new batch. Havn't had hot dog on a stick in forever :D

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Do I get a cookie :D


And I know you don't like hot dogs, but you've never heard of Hot Dog on a Stick? That place is like a staple of my childhood :D


All we do at school at lunch (or on the rare as hell occurance that I'm there early) is play hack, and I'm pretty damn good at it too. And I hate to be racist, but for some reason It really annoys the hell out of all the black people that come near. It can be quite funny sometimes, because they overreact like hell. I mean, it will land 5 feet away from them and they react the same way as if it hit them.


If you've ever seen the one episode of the boondocks where grandpa fights, then you know what I mean by it causes nigga moments.

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More crap:










The Dark Tower series is easily the best Fantasy/Western/Sci-Fi/Horror I've ever read. I highly recomend it.


I just got my 11x14 copy of this picture in the mail today.



as well as a new japanese white oak bokken.

Tis very nice.


I would like to take this time to fall and worship you, and your badass poster, my friend.

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I've never actually had a handheld before (apart from a short time with a GP32) and now I have a GB Micro and one game.. Advance Wars.


But i've been on 4 longish (2hrs) train journeys recently and all of them have whizzed by while i've been absorbed in Advance Wars. The micro is small and light enough that i can carry it in a pocket and forget it is there until i need it.


Usually i just sit on the train feeling a bit bored and listening to mp3s.. but with this I actually find myself arriving before I realise.. and even hoping my train might be delayed a bit so i can finish the level. :)


Now I just need to get a couple more games for a bit of variation.



Only just found out that season 5 has started... I'm so hyped. Even if Ihave to buy all the seasons on DVD because no terrestrial TV channel in the UK is showing them :(


I got soooo hooked on seasons 2-4!!




Bought this cold, having never seen any - but jst because Eliza Dushku was in it. Thought i'd made a mistake for the first half of the series because it was pretty average. But once it got into its stride I got pretty hooked. Shame the second season just ends after 6 episodes because it got canned. :(

Plus... it has jason priestley in it. :D

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Egads! Denied again!


Another story children. Ok, my brother (17) and I (15) both went to Gamestop, ready to sell our Super Monkey Ball and buy Ninja Gaiden Black, so we get there, we trade in the game and look around and find a used copy and go to the front.

It's M-rated but that's okay, my brother is 17 and can buy it. Infact, we bought Doom 3 at Bestbuy a few months ago, so we we're expecting to get away with a "Mind twisting and violent game" that will probably make me kill someone *wink wink*.


So yah, we go to the counter, and guess what, we gotta be 18 to buy a M-Rated game. (WHAT THE F*CK?!?!) So I ask him why, and he then explains that some kind of vague law was passed 3 months ago. So I look at him (I'm not actually mad at him like the Gamecrazy guy, I like Gamestop :p) and say.

"O RLY?"





Well, okay, I didn't say that (wish I did) but instead went for option two,

"Thank you Jack Thompson!"

He laughs, my brother laughs, I'm pissed.


So then he looks at my brother and asks when his birthday is, he says September, so still no deal. I guess if his birthday was in a month or two, he would probably sell it to him, but meh. So close. :\


My brother and I are planning on going back there with my dad, who has been in great spirit this last week since for the weirdest reason he has been playing Soul Calibur 2 with us for at least an hour a day.



He's pretty good, too.

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thats not true, there have been some state laws that were trying to get passed, but they were all struck down as unconstitutional. the fact is, that the esrb rates games based on content and its up to the consumer and the retailer to decide which games to buy/sell. now they could very well refuse service to you, but theres no law that says you have to be 18 to buy an M rated game. or any age to be perfectly frank.

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I didn't think people did hacky sacks anymore

You shoulda' been at camp last year. All the guys bought $3.00 hacky sack balls and they'd stand around and be all like "Dude! Let's start a chain!" and then the they'd hit it once and it fell They did the whole circle thing and it was totally messed up.


B000000OBY.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg Also, quite the good thing right here.

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You shoulda' been at camp last year. All the guys bought $3.00 hacky sack balls and they'd stand around and be all like "Dude! Let's start a chain!" and then the they'd hit it once and it fell They did the whole circle thing and it was totally messed up.


Then they suck : |


We can get some good chains goin, but we just generally screw around. Every once in a while I'll get into a mood where I have to do a certain move, but other than that, it's just a fun way to pass the time for us :)


Anyhow, I got my 20gb hard drive yesterday, and got cds today, so I am now running on a 700mhz, 196mb ram, 11mb graphics computer, using ubuntu linux. I tried to use Windows 98 while I waited to get cds, but it was all effed up. (Have had no issues running linux).


And on monday I will be ordering a pair of Sennheiser PX100s, hopefully they'll get here by saturday at the latest :)

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Whats with that Keira pic in your sig? She looks liek someone's mum?



@Tie: whats NG Black like? I loved the original NG.. but since it was so hard to complete it I didn't really feel the need to play it again.. even with slight changes. I never even got around to downloading the hurricane packs (and they are free) let alone buying it again.

Does it feel like a new game, or just the same game with tweaks? What I really want in ninja gaiden 2!

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