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Thanks for the heads-up there. Looking further, there are some cheaper AM3 mobos with the 6Gb Sata and USB 3.0 that I want. The ASUS is around $30-50 more expensive cause of the onboard video, which I won't need.


Would these be a good alternative?




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Actually, I don't have much of an opinion on CPU brands. Both desktop computers in my home are AMD, but I do have a preference on nVidia cards. But yeah, I'll definitely look into the Phenom II.


Edit: Yeah, the Phenom II looks like a better choice, only about a 10% drop in benchmark performance but is $100 cheaper... So, how about this?

Phenom II 1090T (comes with a heatsink)


8GB DDR3 1333 RAM

ASUS Mobo with a USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/s



Switch the 768mb 460 for a 1gb 460, you'll find it much better.

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I'm upgrading from a 9800GTX. Saving $60 while losing 5 fps on a card that already blows what I have today isn't going to make me a sad panda.






My current set-up runs BFBC2 at like, 15-30fps (cause it keeps going back and forth, chugs like a mofo).


This won't be a gaming machine, I just want a machine that's ****ing ****ing ****ing quick and responsive.


Edit: Oh, and yeah, it's in the mail. Should be here by Thursday or so. Here is the final set-up: Link


Going from:

AMD AM2 6400+ Windsor

9800GTX 512mb

2gb of **** RAM

Win 7 32-bit Home Premium



AMD Phenom II 1090T Thuban 6-core

460GTX 768mb

8gb of good RAM

64gb Crucial SSD with 6GB/s SATA

A mobo with 6GB/s SATA and USB 3.0

Win 7 64-bit Ultimate

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Since some of you are at least a bit more experienced at custom computers than I am, could I get maybe a few suggestions or constructive criticisms?


At risk of seeming retarded I am looking at building this:


Sold a few revamped NES units last year but have some carcasses left over. Figured "Why not?".


Do any of you have experience with a Mini ITX motherboard?

Here: http://www.mini-itx.com/ I see someone in the comments suggested "Zotac IONITX-A-U motherboard" which they have.


I see the overall design and I like it but my only gripes are

1) Inadequate ventilation and cooling. I could fix the ventilation problem, but I don't know about that teeny tiny fan. Checking into options.


2) they put portable hard drive inside the darn thing which will already be hot and probably claustrophobic cuz it's so tight in there. I understand for portability sake and less hassle. Still kind of want to do that.


Guess I have tech pointers from instructables, but I'm wanting to know from more familiar crowds how picky a mini motherboard system can be, if there are any quirks to look out for. Stuff like that. And I guess your thoughts or suggestions on the NES PC in general.

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Awesome plan, GTA! I have some tips on this if you don't mind hearing me ramble.


I was quite soured on mini mobos thanks to a project last year but most all of them should run any of the older emulators just fine. I was trying to push 1080p video with flash overlay out of them and most of them **** their pants on me. Aside from that some of them had weird boot glitches.


If I was doing this I would find a New/Used Acer REVO 1600 on ebay or similar model, rip the case off, mount in into the Nintendo housing, and run panel mount cable extensions to the sockets you'll cut into the case. This will be cheaper than the mini mobos, comes with the hard drive, has multiple fans, HDMI/VGA Output, and is fully capable of also functioning as a Hi Definition Media Box.


Bonus Tip: Using the money you saved, add in wireless dongles for the keyboard, mouse, and internet so you have to cut fewer holes in the case.


Hit me up on Skype sometime and we can mull things over. :)

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Finally getting into the whole GTAIV thing. Only a couple of years late! Plus I get the DLC for cheaps too. :3

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Just got this in the mail. Pretty excited about a NFS game that isn't complete garbage like the last few have been.
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Good to see you get into GTA IV, I loved the hell out of it. It's still to date the only GTA I've ever completed. Twice for that matter. As for the DLC, The Lost and the Damned is alright, but The Ballad of Gay Tony is fantastic. TLatD has some really unlikable main characters, and the story is told kind of lame at points, however TBoGT has extremely likable main characters, and the dynamic between your character, Luis, and Gay Tony is fantastic. I played through the whole DLC twice basically because of the challenge system it introduced, trying to 100% each level.

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Acer AL2216W monitor. A simple but solid LCD monitor. (16:10, 1680x1050)


They're not being made anymore, but I got a used one for $102.50 on eBay. I got it because it's the monitor I'm using right now. Early next week I expect to be rocking a sweet dual-monitor set-up. I can't wait. :V


*5 seconds in Photoshop*

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Funny thing is, though. That a 30" $1200 behemoth monitor is 2560x1600, which is 4,096,000 pixels. 1680x1050 is 1,764,000 pixels. So even with two of them, it's still less pixel space at 3,528,000 pixels. D:

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[shameless plug] Yeah, so GameStop has a spiffy promotion where they give you an extra 50% on your trade ins. This ends on 3/6/11. That means even your old PS2 crap is worth something! [/shameless plug]


So that being said, this promotion came as a blessing in disguise as I was dumb enough to order Killzone 3, The Helghast Edition I am a HUGE fan of this series, so it was necessary.




I also got this:




And with the money I had left over...yes I had money left over! So I also got this!




Good times, good times! :)

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