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Originally posted by Treacherous Mercenary

Really now, I wouldn't use as much minutes on a plan either.. It's just there when I need it. So a plan is a waste.


Good game, good game! gg man, gg!


I only say this because I have one aswell. And they give you about 3 monthes to top up your phone, or it goes to waste. And the cheapest top up card they have available it $20.


Thats nearly $80 a year....compared to a cell phone plan you get screwed.

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I got Neverwinter Nights Gold brand new for $12 :D


Then I got PGR 2 for $14, when the sale was over, the sign was still up, and they still gave the sale to me :D


Then I got MX Unleashed ($40) for $16


And I got HL2 w/CS:S for $50


Next week I will be getting a ATI 9800pro


I win.



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Originally posted by Darth Groovy

Always was impressed with Nick Cave's solo material.


Birthday Party was a bit strange for my tastes.


I'm especially fond of "Red Right Hand", and it's use in Hellboy was hysterical!

It was used in Hellboy?! How in hell could I miss that?! :eek:


*runs to buy Hellboy on dvd to check*

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