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Some books too:

by Piers Anthony - The Xanth series is pretty good. You never know when he uses a figure of speech if it is meant or is really just a way of writing... :p

Cruel Lye

Dragon on a Pedestal

Golem in the Gears



Queen of Angels - Greg Bear

In the Ocean of Night - Gregory Benford

Jupiter Project - Gregory Benford

The Gods Laughed - Poul Anderson

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls - Heinlein

The Tower and the Hive - Anne McCaffrey

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a bag of swedish fish.


any one know how to tell a real swedish fish from knock offs?


hold the head of the fish in one hand and the tail in the other. stretch the fish and if it turns a white and cracks, then its a genuine swedish fish.

Didn't know there was such a huge market for counterfeit Swedish Fish. :p

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I don't ACTUALLY own this YET but...




Playing IS believeing! I realize I am a little late to the party on this one, but I only got my 360 a little over a month ago, and it was already released before that. NHL 07 on the 360 is the ****! The skill stick was more fun than I thought it would be, and not as hard to get the hang on as I originally thought it would be. I checked this one out on lone from work, (ya we get to check out used games...) and I HAVE to own this one!


Swampie Hockey fans owning a 360, if you have not played this one yet, try and rent it if you can. Using your left thumbstick to pull off slapshots, poke checks and dekes...It's a blast!

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G1 Drivers licence. Means I have to have a person with 4 years driving experience in the passengers seat but it'll only be an 8-12 month wait for the G2 licence which...will let me drive a car without any limitations
Funny, I just got my license yesterday... I don't have much use for it though. S'why I waited so long. :p


<-- is 19

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Sorry for no answering earlier, I was... busy <_<


To answer the question about Trauma Center, I'd say it's really hard to judge how good it is because I have no other reference. This game is so different from "traditionnal games" that I'd go as far as say it's in his own category. That said, so far I've enjoyed the game although the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. Basically The game progeses through text based episodes in which the somewhat cheesy story unfolds. Most episodes require that you perform an operation , but some just have you read throug pages of text.


The actual gameplay is rather fun and easy to pick up though. You select your tools with the analog joystic by pointing in one of the 8 directions and use them with the remote. You'll have to perform different basic tasks that you'll come to know by heart, but the games does get harder as some operations can turn ugly in an instant. In that case you'll have to react quickly to avoid loosing your patient. Generally though, if you follow this directives properly and don't make mistakes, you'll have no problem in succesfully completing your operations. I haven't played the DS version, so this is all new to me and it is quite refreshing from the games I'm used to play.


As For Red Steel and Monkey Ball, I haven't unwrapped them yet and I'm not sure I will either. I'll probably keept them sealed until Mario, Metroid or Brawl come out and try to trade them in.

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Finally ..


(camera phone quality)





All of these games are awesome . Wii play is nothing much but it only cost me 5 bucks because it comes with a free wiimote. :D


My friends and i have already wasted countless hours on wii sports, such a blast.


And Zelda is awesome, i need to get some component cables to finish the experience.

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Woot. Click images for massive damage version.






Random thing: Blue Dragon, the 360 game, is 3 DVDs large... That's just from looking on the Wikipedia site, not sure if it comes with bonus discs or anything.


It IS 3 DVDs. Damn, it also got 37/40 on Famitsu. Too bad it's not coming to the states for a while.

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That box looks really spiffy there TiE! :)


I haven't decked out the 360, but I used to have a SWBF2 Skin on my old Xbox. I guess I am holding out for something Star Wars. There will surely be something available when the next big Star Wars game releases on the 360. My dream game is a new Jedi Knight sequal using the new Unreal engine. :)

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