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Originally posted by InsaneSith



I got 2 of the super poseable clonetroopers, and they are sweet.

Please give me your address so I can come over to steal those......

OR: Tell me where to get em! :D


Originally posted by Pie™

There goes the neighbourhood...! :eek:

Lock 'n Load :D



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Got some books at a booksale Friday-


The Ragwitch

The Ships of Earth


Seventh Son


Phases in Chaos

Infinity Beach

3001: The Final Odyssey

Methuselah's Children

Prentice Alvin: The Tales of Alvin Maker III

The Godmakers

Farnham's Freehold

Climbing Olympus

The Da Vinci Code HB

A Planet Called Reason HB

The City and the Stars

Dave Barry's Bad Habits

Cookies (compy cookies, not the yummy ones)

Focault's Pendulum

A book on Visual Basic


All that for $16. Yay! :D

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I just got this bad mofo on sale for 130 dollars, and then picked up the mounting hardware for 20. Now I gotta get an RF modulator so I can have my tv work through it(tv doesn't have audio out jacks) and then an optical cable for my Advanced XBox cable pack, for true DOlby Digital 5.1 surround sound :D

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Originally posted by Mike Windu

I got my permit today wooo! :D


I stalled for about a year, one month till I'm 16 :p


I drove the HONDA for the first time too :D

Whoever gave you the responsibilty of operating a several tons heavy vehicle can't be directly sane...

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