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Yea I like Kangaroos and all but she says that her region of Australia is over populated with them. She lives is WA. Esperance to be exact.

Are they like the 'coons of Austraila? Do they eat her garbage and give out free rabies with a bite?

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I thought they only had one album since the mmmbop craze. But I never checked it out since since I didn't like them during that craze. I just thought the new album was an attempt to gain back some sort of fan base.


Any specific track you recommend?

Trust me the fanbase goes way past the mmmbop craze...It's unfair to judge one band by one song alone don't you think? Even the Stones or the Beatles had their lesser moments...


Check out: Rock n Roll Razorblade, Penny and Me, The Great Divide, Blue Sky, Strong Enough To Break, Can' Stop (one of my personal favourites), If Only, etc...


Here's their Myspace with a few tracks on it as well...

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I listened to the samples on the myspace page and it was ok. Not really my type of music though.


Back in the mmmbop days I didn't really judge them by that one song. From what I remember they played a good amount of their music on the radio and girls would play it at school or sing it in the halls and I just didn't care for them at that time. It seems from the samples I've heard on myspace that they've gotten a bi better from what I remember. Gonna have to go back and compare their old to the new.

Not many bands do get better over time though...I think they've done quite well, but that's my own humble opinion ;)

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Still comin' along. Still need to do the engine, landing gear, and cockpit.








Note: I only get to work on this 45 minutes at a time on week days at school. If I could do it at home, I'd be done in 3 or 4 long days.




The new issue of Game Informer is very good. It's got long articles on both CoD4 and Splinter Cell: Convicted... so I took photos of it and I've got them on my computer. Sam Fisher looks exactly like Solid Snake without trimming his beard or cutting his hair for a little bit.


And my slightly-crazy-grandma-who-happens-to-be-sitting-on-a-large-sum-of-inheritance-money-that-really-belongs-to-my-dad has finally cracked and is supporting our purchase of a house. We've been renting for ever and that may change this summer. YAY! :D

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How fun are those games so far? I'm still looking for some more games for my Xbox 360 that are worth getting.


How good is Spiderman 3, really? I heard it sucks compared to SM2.


Some stuff I've read:

  • The camera is horrible
  • The webbing has been really dumbed down. It no longer does the cool stuff from SM2. Like if you swung under or near a streelight, the web just goes through it. Apparently it just latches onto buildings.
  • The city has been dumbed down. You can't stand on fire escapes and such. Peter's aparentment is the exception.
  • The pedestrians has been cut down. They no longer say stuff when you swing by. Spiderman doesn't make comments either.
  • The city missions are just as lame as SM2.
  • People complain about the graphics not being next-gen, but that doesn't bother me. As long as they're at least SM2ish, I can live with it.


Is it really worth $60? Or should I wait til it drops?

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can't post pictures on the work computer but i just got crackdown for 360 on 5/15... for the game of course...


but while i waited for the beta download to go active i played crackdown and actually liked it a bit. not a bad investment IMO. oh and... i just signed a lease for a 850sqft. duplex w/my girlfriend. two bedroom. in other words, one bedroom...one BIG SCREEN TV room!

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