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Remember kids!


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You can always use your mighty JEDI powers to force persuade your parents to buy you Kotor II. If you feel you are not strong in the force you could always use your normal persuasion skills!


Instructions for Force Persuasion:

Stare at your mommy.

Hypnotize her if you can or continue staring.

Say: " You like me, you will buy Kotor II for me."

Continue chanting.


IF That fails you are not doomed!


Persuasion techniques and training.


Young Padawan, I am about to teach you the tools of the trade. With great power comes great responsibility, always remember that or else your parents would end up broke and you would have nothing to eat. First step.


The first step is to ensure your mommy is having a good day. If she is having a good day then it is your opportunity to strike. Ensure she is very happy and then give her this super easy spelling bee or math test that you scored an A on.


Step 2


Flatter her and hug her. Very easy... Now, give her this cute puppy face and then you have to act like something is wrong and you are not happy. She should ask you whats wrong. Tell her about your sufferings and stuff. She would probably ask you more. Once you feel you got her right where you want her to convince her. Repeat step 2 a second time if you have to.


Step 3


Heres the most important part. If you screw up you are screwed up. After a good day you have to please her and do what she wants you to do. Imagine a sith interrogation torture chamber, like do hours and hours of homework. Once you are done get straight to the damn point. She should reward you with KOTOR II!


You know that was a good guide!

You know it would work!


Don't let MOMMY find out your ultra evil master plan!

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