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insert witty revolution-esque title here.


Are the mods doing their job?  

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  1. 1. Are the mods doing their job?

    • No! They lock and delete all the wrong threads!
    • Yes! They work very hard to please everyone.
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    • Mods? We have mods?

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What the deal is,


You went to a forum section you normally don´t post in just to hassle Lynk. All posts in that thread were ment as laughter as is that whole forum and you came in and bashed him. A thing you shouldnt be doing. Especially since your credibility isn´t very high.

Seeing as you also bashed TK in a thread were he was doing his job. You broke the rules but we decided not to take any actions if it would be a standalone. Maybe you should read em again and memorise them. Gives you a bigger chance at surviving here.


And what is your deal against Lynk. He closed a few threads you were discussing in, but however know this: I would also have pulled the plug on those threads since they evolved from a serious topic towards something hilarious. A joke.


And maybe your plans are to be funny or something but then I advise you to use a smilie when you do.


P.S. you also PM´d Lynk about the whole bussiness and he calmly and honestly replied. Keep that in mind.


We don´t have a problem with you, just the way you act ;)

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If it wasn´t just to bash him I advise you to consider thinking about your posts before placing them, because the way you made it sound didn´t put you in positive spotlights. How about an apology maybe? ;)


Another advice. Don´t go to forums because other people frequent it. Visit it when you actually are intrested in it. And watch out when going to Aresen (that forum you went) because they will eat you alive. Just a note tho ;)


And Lynk did answer your PM, have a look.

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The only reason you went there was because Lynk came here. But, that's HIS JOB. He's a super mod, he has to go to all of the forums to maintain things and help the other mods.


You aren't banned, you were just warned. So, why don't you stop complaining and try to start over, instead of draging out things that should be dead.

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yaebginn, your posts in RS.net are, well, completely unwarranted. As you'd have soon found out, that area of the forums are much less forgiving than we are here. Community-wise. Also, RS.net is Lynk's home area on the forums, so to speak - If you cause trouble there, he's authorized to initiate a [temporary] ban.


Your posts lately have been lackluster. The USA Successor was 11 pages of unprecedented crap. Only to end with "Japan will attack US with robots and samurai."


What. the. hell.


Don't take me wrong, I'm not trying to be a bastard here - but I think you should take a few days to re-evaluate your stay here and your posting habits. 3 days, to be specific.


I'm only posting here so you and others can see my justification for this, and that I'm not going off on some "power spree", or as your romping buddy likes to call it "Louisiana Cop" stuff.


It's a 3 day temp ban. So hang tight, and don't make another account in the meantime. IP checks can be done, and making another account will mean you get permanently banned.

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whew, i thougth the guy was totally banned, that he had been doing somethign seriously wrong... i always go check out what got people banned... it's a fun passtime y'know...


Good to see he's not gone permanently. Though he's a bit weird, he's also a pretty nice guy and good RP'er...

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On a final note.


yaebginn I know you're a good poster when it comes to certain subjects and talking about the game and such which is why you're only getting a 3 day banning rather than a permanent.


If you hadn't come to my home forum to harass me you wouldn't have been banned. Surprisingly I didn't ban you, I was asleep... and remember I don't have anything against you, you do post good posts in a lot of threads and I have seen them.


I hope by the time you return you're calmer and you can go on posting good posts.

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Hey, why was Yaeb Ginn banned? He's the only one who makes discussions around here interesting.


It takes the mods four days or more to answer PMs, so screw that. And they lock any thread pointing out their backward ways.


Take up arms, forumers! Down the mods! Up the real posters!

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Yaebginn was banned for a stupid reason like expressing his first ammendment right in a mature, responsable way? Lingo's thread gets locked up for no reason? Is this forum based in Cuba or something?


Policy needs to change. People who speak out against Mods should not be punished. People who speak out against mods who abuse their powers should not have their threads closed or their accounts banned. Heck, I'll probuably have my account banned for posting this.


A message to Van Lingo: You have displayed great curage and have truly earned the respect of the members of these forums on this issue. Keep up the fight, I'm with you. I will not stop, and hopefully you won't either, until justice is delivered.



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First of all Yaebginn, a member since WHEN now? Decides to come in and tell us that we are basically all full of crap, as has been the case for many, MANY threads recently. Yaebginn was banned for flaming, a rule that has been in effect since the last 5 years.


What I fail to understand, is where we are so wrong? Also, a forum as new as this one, contains moderators that have been following LF rules for the last 2 + years?


The thing these threads fail to prove, is why anyone with any senior privileges should actually listen to you. As a well seasoned moderator, honestly...sorry to say, you guys are just coming off as looking to fight for the sheer sake of argument, and you are the only ones doing all the complaining. Show us where the real problem is.


BTW, the game is not even out yet!:rolleyes:

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"until justice is delivered"? The hell are you smoking? Seriously, you people need to go form your own country or something.


No, boran, yaebginn was temporarily banned in response to his outrageous post about Japan, robots, and taking over the US. Saying things like "you don't know what I know" sounds somewhat like he needs a little vacation. He'll be back tomorrow, so stop jumping to conclusions. This is the internet, not America, so quit the First Amendment bull. We reserve the right to enforce our rules here, and even so, I wouldn't call any of that thread mature or responsible.


VanLingo's thread was closed because he has no basis for what he's said, and has decided not to cooperate with us. The first thread was closed because it started to lead into an off-topic mess. Lynk was courteous enough to let the discussion continue if somebody sent him a PM asking for it to be reopened - Van decided to "screw that", and posted another Viva la Revolucion! thread.


And no, you won't get your account banned - however I'm not listening to anything you say unless you get your facts straight. And all you people want to do is bitch and moan until the forum is run the way you'd like.


Bring up valid points, and I'll start listening. None of Van's points in the last thread that I countered were disputed by your comrade yaebginn.


It's also courage, if I'm supposedly some monster-like asshat.

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Originally posted by boranchistanger

Keep up the fight, I'm with you.




So it's a battle now? On an internet forum?


This sounds like fun, what're you guys gonna do? Fashion some form of spear that will stab us in the eyes through our monitors?


I must begin work on my face shield device........







Edit - on a serious note, this is just silly, it was a TEMP ban, because he was harassing Lynk Former for no reason. He's gone for three days, jeeez. And VanLingo is obviously trying to provoke us with those threads, especially the one that said something or other about ousting us mods. :D

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I am so sick of this. All those who feel the need to "rebel" against the staff: grow up, move on, accept that you're not running these forums.


Someone being banned for three days is not a big deal. Move on. Yaeb was NOT banned for speaking against the staff, but instead HARASSING them, and has not exactly been the ideal poster.


If you want to "rally your troops," do it on your own forums - and stop spamming this forum with this revolutionary crap.


If you want to fight for freedom, join the military.

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@ boranchistanger:


If you want an "issue" to fight for why don't you go fight to save the environment or something worthy instead of trying to have petty squabbles with some people on the Internet of all places. Or like TK said, you wanna fight for something, join the military.


If you're THAT unhappy with this forum, find one you think is better somehwere else or make your own. Try http://www.phpbb.com or http://www.invisionboard.com, download their forum software, get some webspace and make a forum and invite all your buddies and have fun.


If you want to continue your time here, it's time to get over it and move on. Honestly, every mod here just wants to go on with their lives, like we've been saying over and over, Yaebginn will be back. Go talk about how much you're excited about Battlefronts or something instead of trying to start a revolution or whatever the hell it is you're trying to do.

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I love how nobody ever puts things in perspective when they come here and complain about the staff.


This is an online forum. Yes, a stupid little online forum. And you get all worked up about it, like someone just beat your puppy to death with a tire iron. It's not the friggin' end of the world. 'OMG HE GOT BANNED, LET'S RISE UP AND REVOLT LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS WHO FOUGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM.' You make yourselves out to be like the peasants under Robespierre when in actuality you sound more like a lazy senior high school special ed class. It's really quite ridiculous. Y'all take everything so seriously when it comes to bucking with authority.


The mods are here out of their own free will. All of them. It's a volunteer outfit, no one is forced into it. They're chosen because of their maturity, their objectivity and their ability to deal professionally and amicably with unhappy posters. Some of them have been at it for a long time, some of them are new at it. Nonetheless, they all possess the aforementioned qualities, that's why they're where they are. Simply because you disagree with their decisions on the matter of yaebginn is hardly a reason for a call to arms against the mods.


Even so, what do you think you'll accomplish? "True justice"? Dude, what the hell does that even mean? You're gonna take Jed and hang him by his testicles? Run ET through with a wooden stake? Come on, people. It's the friggin' INTERNET for Chrissakes. You come here to have fun, to talk, not to plot counterinsurgence against 'tyranny' and 'oppression'.


Y'all need to just grow up. Seriously. Like almost everyone has said in this thread, if you're passionate and ardent about freedom, then go out and focus your energies elsewhere, where it will benefit the people around you. Don't waste it here, at some Captain Kangaroo forum like this.


And if you're just arguing for 'revolution' simply because the mods don't agree with you and you want to get back at them (which I think is the case), then go elsewhere. We're obviously too militant and oppressive for you. You should go and get a forum of your own and plot there. Hell, you can even plot to take down this forum, for all we care. You can talk about how much you want to stab TK in the face or bash in my knees. Bottom line is, if this place makes you feel sad or mad, leave. Find someplace you can be happy. There's nothing to be changed here. If you think you can be this forum's Che Guevaras, think again, buckos.


Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to go 'oppress more forummers' and 'ban them for talking back to me.'


For those of you that can't interpret that, it means I really need to take a piss.

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Quoted from: SWBattlefront.net Code of Conduct


"Under no circumstances are you allowed to insult (commonly referred to as "flaming"), curse at, offend, or just go completely off the wall against another user/group of users."


"Don't harass the staff."


Doing so can result in:


"Spamming and flaming will result, in most cases, with multiple warnings from within a thread or via PM. From there, punishments will vary from a ban, temp-ban, and/or a nuking of your post count, all the way down to zero..."


Having worked with teens for the better part of the last decade, I predict that the first response by those that feel an injustice would be to point out that they were somehow flamed or insulted, however, unless they utilized the REPORT button or alerted another mod to their disagreement, it isn't a valid argument.


"Insult" is a very subjective term as well, so if you feel insulted, it doesn't mean it was a rules violation in the eyes of a mod. I realize this isn't necessarily fair, but what in life is?


I think that the moderation team at LF makes a good attempt to create, foster, and promote an environment where Lucas Arts / Star Wars fans of all types and ages can come together for fun and enjoyment. For some of us, enjoyment comes through serious discussion and debate. For others, it's a general jocular behavior among those that think the same.


But its that last part that makes the difference. In the Sliced Taun-Taun and in the Swamp, I've watched serious issues come between members of the forums for years. This is one of the reasons that the Senate Chambers was created like a year and a half ago. Those of us that have stuck around there have learned that we can engage in arguments and debates, often very heated ones, without losing respect for each other. In fact, I gained a lot of respect for Obi-Wan13, Darth Groovy, RpTheHotRod, and a few others whom I debated religion with (even though I won the debates ;) ).


But when you engage in discussions about that which you disagree, divisions occur in the camp. People who came together for a common cause, like a fun Star Wars game, begin to lose respect for their fellow LF member based on their opposing viewpoints on one or two things rather than build respect for the courage to dissent and appreciate their opinions when you do agree.


I think ET, Jed, et al made some real attempts to accomodate Yaebginn, Vanlingo, Boran..., reelguy, and a few others by not moving the serious discussion / debate threads to the Senate. They were criticized early on when this was done to the War in Iraq thread. Then, when they didn't all line up and agree with the clan-boys, offering tough arguments in opposition, they were criticized as being "Louisiana Cops" and harassed.


I have two suggestions: one for those who feel an "injustice," and one for Jed & Lynk.


1) Those upset should look a little harder to find what they have in common and find enjoyment in the diversity (what a boring place it would be if everyone agreed with each other, especially for those of us that like to argue).


2) Send all serious discussion threads to me and 'Jais in the Senate. Or, if the members most affected are genuinely opposed, include the Sliced Taun-Taun within mine or C'Jais' moderation reach.

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Well said SkinWalker. I agree with you. I know I'm new to the forum, but I am a mod on another forum so I know how it is. But I have seen many mods break the rules and you can't deny it. But I have broken one or two myself since I started posting on this forum. No one here is a machine and will never make a mistake we all will break the rules no and again, but that is not any reason for us to start, and I like the way it was said earlier in a post, Viva Le Revolution. I think this should be put to bed. BUt like he said ealier, if someone does offend you, even a mod, than report them. Simple as that.


Some of us might not agree with the mods for banning the dude, er.. whats his name... yeab?, but thats the way it goes. I don't agree with the cop that wrote me a ticket last week for idling threw a stop sign at 2 am either but thats the way it goes. Life is like that.


So I say put this to bed and get on about talking about Battlefront. I mean September almost here.

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