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Galaxy Droid


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Ok so I went to Yavin for the first time and tried to leave my ship, but I couldn't. I noticed all of my party was in the middle of the ship. I talked to Jolie for the first time and he was really pissed and me so I though maybe I was in a dream sequence since no one was in their normal positions. I went to the cockpit and there was this floating droid called the galaxy droid. I talked to it and it asked me where I wanted to go. It listed every location in the game: endar spire, taris, dantooine, tatooine, kashyyk, korriban, Manaan, yavin

unknown planet, leviathon, star forge


curiosly I choose Endar Spire, the droid says something to the effect of "we're here isn't space travel fun?" No travel animation so I talk to it again, this time I choose Tatooine. Same response. I walk to the room just outside the cockpit and the game cuts to the load screen. next thing I know I'm standing outside the hawk on tatooine. I return to the hawk and everything is back to normal. I thought maybe that was what would happen at the end of the game if so you could finish up any side quest you might have, but alas it is not. What did I stumble upon?

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