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What makes you happy?


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Anything counts, nothing as too complex, primitive, vulgar or strange here.


As for me, dancing to a good beat is definately in the top 10. As is listening to good music. What's also good is getting that thrill of dawning realization as you figure out what plot twist the movie just threw at you (Fight Club, Hero, Jacob's ladder etc). Or waking up to a ringing alarm clock on a saturday, suddenly remembering that I forgot to turn it off, and becoming aware that it's weekend.


A few years ago it was finding that perfect opponent in Jedi Outcast Duelling mode, one who fought the same way I did, with no cheesy bug-exploiting or red stance-whoring. Just balls-out, clean, duelling fun. Oh, and joining a clan server of 15 people, killing everyone without dying once and then disappearing. Loved it, loved it, loved it :D

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Travelling to new, interesting places.


Sun (not that i get much of it, but i get seriously bad Seasonal Affectivness Disorder whent he weather is miserable, and so am i)

Especcially warm summer evenings when you can wear shorts and chill out outside with a beer.


Skating - that rare point when you are on a ramp doing tricks and you just "zone out" and totally relax, everything just flows nice and easily, you seem to float and everything seems to slow down.

Doesn't often happen and i rarely get to skate anymore though...


Learning - I find myself so much happier when actively learning somethingnew, rather than repeating something i already knew. Wish i had realised this while still at school and before starting a job though.


Movies (and occasionally music) when you can become completely caught up in the action or sounds. Live concerts more than cds.


Breasts. Really.


CSS style sheets actually working. :D


Water slides.


Hanging out with mates.

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1. A good song with good lyrics that make me either sad, or happy, or makes me feel like smiling.


2. A good film. Just a well done movie with either good action sequences, good characters, or a good plot. (or all three)


3. A good sleep. No dreams, and I wake up not having to get out until I feel like it.


4. A good, uninterrupted, interesting, dream.


5. Proving someone smarter than me wrong.


6. Getting a good punch in in a fight.


7. Working out while listening to Rocky songs. (theme song and eye of the tiger)


8. Scractching a really frustrating itch.




10. Finding money or cool stuff on the ground.


11. Hearing a good joke.


12. Taking a good shower.


13. Taking a perfect dump. (no clogs)


14. Taking a walk in perfect temperature.


15. Learning something new that sticks and I dont forget it.


16. Reading a good book.

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1-finding money


3-music that makes me want to mosh


5-great movies like fightclub and any kevin smith movie


7-having good times with my family


9-entomology (study of insects)

10-a good shower after a day of sweaty work..

11-did i mention boobs?

12-and excellent company like that of friends, family and people at LF....

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-constructing lego robots

-a large jay

-two turntables and loads of vinyl


-my family

-doing my job (mostly)

-thinking about things (and being lazy)


-"coding" programs

-pen and paper


















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