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Computer games - getting tired - what next?


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arg, I live 20 miles away from teh nearest town, which has only 4,000 people (i think that explains the net connection), reason why is, Dad used to be a farmer, but he's not anymore, so both parents go to work in town, i go to school in town. Mom is thinking of some way to like take care of a house of someone on vacation this winter, or, best case, I would get to stay at my friend's house the whole school year (frickin awesome family, nothing cooler and funnier than his dad from Lebanon that lived in Mexico).


Oh yeah, outside is great. Me rides me bike everyday to get the mail at the mailbox, which is 3 miles away, uphill both ways (really!). As for social stuffage, well, theres the 20 miles away (very bad for gas, prices as they are), plus school isn't out yet, but it starts like thursday (Aug, 26).


As for girls, I have yet to see one that deserves a "Game of the Year" award, although some come close in the "Graphics" score. Very bad in the "Can actually think for herself" score though, I think i just live in a crappy place for that sort of thing, biggest problem is they're mostly *cough*mormon*sneeze* (personal problems, nothing against ANYONE here, of course) it's mostly the whole "way of thinking" (plus church | state violations, grrr....)


I think ill cut down on the gaming, but I really would like to get started on doing something USEFUL with computers. I have no idea what, though. Suggestions?

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Originally posted by Astrotoy7

also, get a girlfriend, theyre more fun than even KOTOR, generally :p


Agreed, except you usually have to spend more than 50 dollars on girls before the real fun begins :xp:



I'm kidding of course, I love my girlfriend immensely and it's always more fun to be with her than playing video games







That's just incase she ever visits this forum :D

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i know you are going to hate it, but i'd suggest getting a console.


I was getting very bored and jaded with PC games a while back (still am a little) and i picked up a cheap second hand Gamecube as an alternative. It definately rekindled my interest in gaming a bit.

I wouldn't have it as my only system, but it makes a great contrast to my PC games as the games on it are almost totally different.

In an odd way, i always thought of consoles as kiddy toys, but as you get older and you have more "life" to take up your time it is actually nice to have more "simple" games that you can just sit down and have a blast on for a few minutes without learning huge amounts of stuff.

Nintendo excell at simple, fun games.


*simple not always meaning easy or juvenile, but where the importance is on fun, not graphics, story, complexity or whatever...


Either that or just take a break from games for a few weeks...

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