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Well there were problems with the sword on his back, you see it wasn't really attached.


Okay for anybody wishing to reskin the samurai, here's a full list of group names, what they are and their default texture. You can use these in any combination to make your own personal samurai. Experiment with it and have fun!


hips - The upper legs and waist. Turn this off if you want to use the hakama. (trainer_legs.jpg)


hips_belt - The belt. Recommended you keep this on or it might reveal holes in the waist. (flag.jpg)


head - The head. Turn this off if you wish to use the jingasa (cone hat) or the ninja head. (head.jpg)


head_face - The face. Turn this off if you wish to use the ninja head. (face.jpg)


torso_collar - The collar around his neck. (trainer_parts.jpg)


r_leg_pad , l_leg_pad - The leg pad seen on the kensai and warrior. (flag.jpg)


r_arm_armour , l_arm_armour - The armour on his arm. (kabuto.jpg)


r_shoulder_armour , l_shoulder_armour - The armour on his shoulders. (kabuto.jpg)


front_armour_skirt , l_armour_skirt , r_armour_skirt , l_rear_armour_skirt , r_rear_armour_skirt - The bits of armour hanging from his waist. (kabuto.jpg)


kabuto - The helmet worn by the samurai. (kabuto.jpg)


kabuto_kensai - The helmet worn by the kensai. (kabuto.jpg)


kabuto_warrior - The helmet worn by the warrior, minus the horns. (kabuto.jpg)


daisho - The swords attached to his belt. (katana.jpg)


menpo - The full mask worn by the kensai. (menpo.jpg)


half_menpo - The half-mask worn by the warrior. (menpo.jpg)


topknot - The knot of hair at the top of his head. Turn off if you wish to use any of the helmets. (head.jpg)


right_hakama , left_hakama - The hakama. (the thing that looks like a dress) (hakama.jpg)


hair - Long hair. This was gonna be used for the ronin, but wasn't used because of the alpha shading problem. (alpha_hair.jpg)


l_leg_armour , r_leg_armour - Armour that runs down the sides of the legs to the knees (think Samanosuke from Onimusha) Neither of these were used in any of the models, but were made anyway for anybody who wanted to use them in their skins. (kabuto.jpg)


belt_tie - The knot in the belt. Turn it off if you need to for any reason. (flag.jpg)


jingasa - The cone hat used on the ashigaru. (jingasa.jpg)


horns - The horns seen on the warrior's kabuto. (kabuto.jpg)


banner - The banner attached to the back on the samurai and ashigaru. (flag.jpg)


ninjato - A ninja sword attached to the back. This wasn't used because of weighting problems. Try it out and you'll see what I mean. (ninjato.jpg)


head_ninja - A masked ninja head, minus the face part. (ninja_head.jpg)


head_jingasa - Just the default head except the top has been cut off to prevent it from sticking through the jingasa. Turn this on if you wish to use the jingasa. (head.jpg)


ninjaheadband - Just a black headband to be used on the ninja head. (flag_ninja.jpg)


headband - The headband seen on the ronin. (flag.jpg)


face_ninja - Just the regular face reshaped to fit the ninja head. Turn on if you wish to use the ninja head.


hook - A grappling hook used attached to the belt. (ninjato.jpg)


shuriken - Shuriken aka Ninja Stars attached to the belt. (ninjato.jpg)

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