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Graphics/Video Tweaking


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I have this problem. I'm trying to set Jedi Academy to have those great graphics with shadows reflections and etc. heres an example picture




I know my system can handle it. Please tell me how to achieve grat video performance and unleashing Jedi Academy's potential.

(Can these graphics work in multiplayer too?)

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Post your system specs.


Do you have the latest drivers for your video card and the latest directX?


That said, I'm sure there are tweaks out there to help you. Be patient and hopefully you'll get some responses.


I'm not sure if I should move this to Technical Help or not, since you're not technically having a problem, you just want the game to look better (without upgrading I assume)...

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You should be able to run fine with a 9800 Pro, but how is it possible to have that kind of good shadows? I dont remember JA having it.


And answer to your question yes you can use shadows in MP. Just type "cg_shadows #" in the console.


Replace the # with a number


0 - no shadows

1 - simple shadows (Default)

2 - Voldumtric Shadows

3 - Projected shadows

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I can asure you he's using Volumetric Shadows, it doesn't look like it because of the poor quality of the jpeg. He must have saved it in Paint or used really low settings in PSP or PS.


But be warned in using cg_shadows 2 (Volumetric), it drains a hell of a lot of system resources, plus if you use Dynamic Glow, expect framerates to dip... alot.


Other settings/commands to improve visual experiance are :-


r_dynamicglowsoft set to 0, default is 1 and its Cheat Protected for some strange reason, so enter helpusobi 1 before you use it.

I've played through the game with it on and it didn't affect FPS, because it un-sofens the default glow, so expect to see some nice glow effects on your sabers, and the enviroment.


Set Texture detail to very high, be warned it can drain system resources, as its a sort of "JKA Ultra Quality".


Anisotropic Filtering maxed out to 8 will really smooth out the game and make it look alot better for screenshots/wallpapers etc.


If you want to risk turning on Anti Aliasing on in your GFX control panel, then by all means go ahead, but when i tried i got FPS of about 19 and it was playable... sort of. Lagged a bit when numerous NPC Jedi where on screen.


r_drawfog set to 1, default 2, can make the fog look thicker somewhat, try it and see what results turn up, it could cause FPS drops, but im not sure.


Try them and see what happens for you. :)

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Odd... it works all the time for me.

Here's some screenshots just showing what it does to the saber blades...




Yellow Blade


Blue Blade


Green Blade


Also, r_dynamicGlowDelta which is defaulted to 0.8f can be changed to any value, but the higher you go the less glow you get, a value of 0.1 removes the edges of the glow and leaves you with a smooth blade, so to speak. :)


[EDIT] - I can't guarentee that thes commands will work on your machine, i guess Dynamic Glow is best on 128 & up cards. Or maybe not all cards support the glow shaders. ;)

Experiment & see which Resoultion,Glow settings, and other things in the console which can change how things affect the visual experience & your FPS. Experiment people. :p


[EDIT #2] -

(Can these graphics work in multiplayer too?)
I'd seriously avoid using Volumetric Shadows, because the engine will draw all those draining shadows for every player, and on 32 player server you'd have a bad FPS. I personally prefer cg_shadows 3 , which are projected and are like the Simple shadows but you get a full body shadow like the Volumetric ones, but with out the engine drawing them on your whole body.
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i was actually pokeing around dictionary.com just to make sure i was right, but didnt feel like going farther off topic. but since kurgan went, i'll be a lemming and follow. acronyms are usually formed from the first letter, or first few letters of words. whereass abbreviations are seemingly shorter variations of 1 or a few words. usually ending in a period.



plus, acronymfinder agrees with me :D

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