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Anyone Willing to do a JA Walkthrough for Me? *Spoilerific!*


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I decided I am going to split up the Dark/Light side stuff for the last two levels (Korriban), but only to save people from exposure to a couple of spoilers (namely whom you fight at the end) if they take one path and get stuck but don't want to see the other.

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Ok... here ya are Kurgan, Taspir pt.1.


Taspir III

New Enemies: Reborn Master


23-1.jpgYou start on a landing pad, go through the door with the Stormtroopers in front.


23-2.jpgGo inside, and through the door.


23-3.jpgUse both these panels to get the bridge out.


23-4.jpgWaste the Hazard Trooper, and go left and use the panel.


23-5.jpgGo back up and into the building, go left and into the now open lift.


24-6.jpgGo out an through to this door, go out; waste the baddies.


23-7.jpgCircle around to the left, go into the lift.


23-8.jpgGo out, kill the stormies, and use Push on this box.


23-9.jpgJump up and go around to slice the grate at the other end.


23-10.jpgGo around, "acquire" a key from the Imp Commander, and use it on the locked door you passed.

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23-11.jpgGo out, kill the Dark Jedi, and go around left.


23-12.jpgBlast the troopers, then go through the door.


23-13.jpgGo up the stairs, all kill the Dark Jedi.


23-14.jpgGo through this door, kill the Dark Jedi on the bridge.


23-15.jpgGo through this door and hop over the gap, kill the Cultists.


23-16.jpgGo around and into the door to the left.


23-17.jpgGo down the stairs and kill the Dak Jedi.


23-18.jpgGo out the door at the bottom and kill the Cultists there.


23-19.jpgGo inside and kill the Cultists right inside the door.


23-20.jpgContinue into the next area and go onto the bridge.

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23-21.jpgKill the Hazard Troopers along the way; use the rocks to avoid the lava and go to the other side.


23-23.jpgGo in this door and kill the Dark Jedi.


23-24.jpgGo through the door and kill the Cultists on the bridge.


23-25.jpgGo inside and circle around, use the lift and go out.


23-29.jpgKill the Dark Jedi and go out this door.


23-27.jpgCircle around again and use the lift.


23-28.jpgKill the Reborn Master, then go through the door for end level.


The Imperial Power Station (a.k.a Taspir pt. 2) is underway, and I really am trying to finish it, but parents don't want me on the comp much :(

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Alrighty then! Here's Taspir III, Pt. 2:


Taspir III, Imperial Power Station


24-1.jpg(Cutscene) Hop up to where Alora was, go through the door.


24-2.jpgKill the Cultist and keep going along the hallway into this room.


24-3.jpgGo through this door, and then there will be a cutscene.


24-4.jpgKill the baddies and go and use the lift; kill the Dark Jedi.


24-5.jpgGo through the door and around left, jump up here. Hop up again and there will be a cutscene, kill the Cultist that comes to the balcony.


24-6.jpgJump up and go in the door on the right, go on and kill the Dark Jedi. Jump behind the dish for a secret.


24-7.jpgContinue on and go into the room with stormies, deal with them and go through the door.


24-8.jpgGo and kill these Cultists, then continue on.

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24-9.jpgGo left and kill the Reborn Master.


24-10.jpgGo out and use the console, use Speed to get through the force field before it turns back on.


24-11.jpgGo through and there will be a cutscene, go straight and hop down using the conveyor belts.


24-12.jpgGo inside the tunnel where Alora went, use the lift.


24-13.jpgYou come out to an active part of the factory, go right.


24-14.jpgJump into this doorway on the left.


24-15.jpgGo on and look at the conveyor belt, you'll see electricity going between the machines. When the machine reshapes the block, jump through and go to the left of the blue force field.


24-16.jpgUse Force Speed to get under the next machine as the force field goes off, kill the two Imp workers, and go around the left of the mechine for a secret area.

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24-17.jpgGo into the doorway where the Dark Jedi is, kill him and continue.


24-18.jpgThere will be a cutscene, and a Dark Jedi will land infront of you, kill him.


24-19.jpgJump onto these blocks and over to the force field to the blocks left.


24-20.jpgUse the crane to get to where Alora was, there will be a cutscene.


24-21.jpgThen its time for your decision, attack Rosh and fall to Darkness, spare him and be a true follower of the Light. After that, kill Alora for end level.


Ok, I have the remaning levels written and screenies taken, I'll host the screenies and get them all up today or tomorrow :)

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And Korriban pt. 1





25-1.jpgYou start with a cutscene.


25-2.jpgGo NE and kill the Dark Jedi on the stairs.


25-3.jpgGo down the stairs and assist the Light Jedi in killing all the Cultists on the stairs, and go left into the next room.


25-4.jpgKill all the baddies, then look at the two statues on the right of the entrance, use Push on them, and go down.


25-5.jpgKill the Cultists that meet you, and go left or right down the stairs.


25-6.jpgGo up to the door with the pushable buttons surrounding it, push the button that is on the middle left, and both top and bottom of the right side.


25-7.jpgGo through the door and down the stairs, turn to your left and look at the wall, use Pull on the brighter stones to get up.

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25-8.jpgJump all the way up and go into this door.


25-9.jpgGo down, deal with the Dark Jedis, and go into this tunnel.


25-10.jpgGo out; kill the Cultists, and go left.


25-11.jpgGo through the doorway and to the far side of the room, look down and go into this hole in the wall.


25-12.jpgHop down and go into the next room, kill the baddies and go down the stairs.


25-13.jpgKill the Dark Jedis here, and keep going into the lava filled room.


25-14.jpgGo around the lava and into the next room, go straight and bash the two support pillars.


25-15.jpgKill the Jedi here, then slice these two chains, jump up into the now open roof. Go over the tomb behind you as you come up, and go into the door for end level.


Almost done with the last level!

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What an experience, eh Kurgan? :) Well, I guess I'll go download the Demo, and get you the info on it, but I don't think it need a new walkthrough.





Korriban pt. 2


26-1.jpgYou begin with a battle going on in the distance, assist with killing the Dark Jedi.


26-2.jpgHop down and help the Light Jedi finish off the Cultist, and jump off to the left.


26-3.jpgJump the chasm and again kill the Dark Jedis.


26-4.jpgPush this pillar to make a bridge.


26-5.jpgKill the Cultists on the other side, then go into the pit.


26-6.jpgGo into this opening and use the statues and pillars to get to the top.


26-7.jpgGo out and jump to the left to where the Stormtroopers wait; kill them and continue on past the shuttles.


26-8.jpgKill the remaining baddies, then go up the stairs to the Sith Tomb.


26-9.jpgContinue on and go through these door for the boss fight depending on your alignment, good luck.

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Ok, here's the info for the Demo:


You have choice of any saber type for both missions.



Base force all level 1

One force point in Mind Trick, Heal, and Grip.


Weapon Loadout:

E-11 Blaster Rifle

Wookie Bowcaster

Disrupter Rifle


Trip Mines, Det Packs, and Thermal Dets




All Base Force all level 3

One rank in Protect, Mindtrick, Lightning, and Heal. Two ranks in Grip.


Weapon Loadout:

E-11 Blaster Rifle

Wookie Bowcaster

Heavy Imperial Repeater

Disrupter Rifle


Golan Arms Flechette

Trip Mines, Det Packs, and Thermal Dets



That's all, now you or me need to get the secrets in there... Can't you just use txa's?

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