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XFIRE [play with forummembers]


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As soon as the game is out I guess some would like to play the game with other forummembers on those servers etc.


Xfire is a gamer messenger, it can be used for chatting but its main feature is that you can see which games your contacts are playing, on which server (and teamspeak/ventrilo server) and join them by clicking a button.


You can download the program, and register there at


and post your account here.

Xfire is not just for battlefront (when it's out) but for most other games as well, list is on the site.

Xfire also has a favorite servers list, with "recently visited servers" etc. One of the best tools a pc clan can have. I've been one of the first to use this program and had a lot of fun with it.


Naturally this only applies for PC gamers


My account is alegis




Now i'm going to do everything different. I made a new account, swbattlefront and we'll use that as a ring. You just havr to add that account, and you'll be able to see all the others in friends of friends and then easily add them. I think this saves a lot of trouble. So those who want to post their account now please just add swbattlefront to your friends list. Thanks.
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Originally posted by SITH_ShadowCat



Not sure if this will work with Battlefront though, we'll see.


I guess that won't be a problem, games like jedi academy were also added.


Good idea Alegis. As all people on these forums use different IM, this might just be it.


Nice translation in dutch. If I ad someone I get a message in German :D

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the dutch translation is horrible (edit it yourself or go english/1337), and i'm sure the game will be added.


forgot to mention, make sure you add those who added their account first. Dont expect them to look back at this topic each time and add you..

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Originally posted by DogGy

I have problems with my registering, with my user name:Invalid


Invalid Username. Usernames can have a maximum of 25 characters containing any combination of only lower case a-z and 0-9.


"LOWER CASE" would probably your main problem. And no fansy symblos, you can add that later on after you get your simple name done.

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