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What is a moderator?

Darth Groovy

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Originally posted by --ZeeMan--

lol too bad post counts aren't a requirement. you should look at some of the administrators (aristotle ~ 300) and then some supermods don't have that many compared to others (jed ~ 3000)


And then there's me...:p


But, you know, I had the highest LF post count quite some time before I became a mod. It had nothing to do with my promotion...in fact, there was a bit of skepticism about putting me in charge of something just because of my ludicrously high post count. Think on that before you try spamming overposting to get a 'mod-worthy' post count. ;)

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If you HATE the topic of the thread and it's contents, and you keep posting anyway, you are really just spamming. Don't keep posting why you feel something is stupid, or lame over and over in the same topic. To us mods, it appears you are trying to get a reaction, which happens to be the trait of a classic troll.


There IS a reason why threads have topics. :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by coupes.

Gah... this thread is useless. Who gives a rat's ass about mods. :rolleyes:




*Hopes Groovster gets the joke*


I get it! :p


*pats Coupes. on the back*


Here is the deal. I am cool with demonstrating a dislike for something in a thread, but to do it over and over, and over, I mean....what's the point. If you hate something, and once you make it known, why go on about it?


This is the reason why I didn't post in the Metallica Vs Napster thread. I knew I would get mad, and blow my cool, so I left it alone. It is THAT simple.

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