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Clans, look here! Free Agents!


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Name on site: Pandy


Name in game: Pandy


platform(s): Playstation two


Position(s) you want to play: Dont mind


Contact info:fishman99_30@hotmail.com


extra info: Well i love star wars battlefront its great, aint been on here be4 thought it was tyme i got a clan tho, im in one in socom two as well and im on fifa 2004 and hardware.


Peace out Pandy Town:bdroid2: :bdroid2: :bdroid2:

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hey looking for my first clan!


new to online multiplayer, but NOT to gaming. Love Battlefront!


name: Scotty

name on site: skatea23

name in game: scotty

platform: PC

best positions: (republic) 1) TROOPER, 2) non-starfighter PILOT; 3) JET TROOPER, 4) SCOUT


looking for a clan that wants to use TEAMWORK and STRATEGY and uses TEAMSPEAK to do it.


contact me via AIM: skatea23 or email scottykyzer@hotmail.com

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I am looking for a good clan to join to share my SW BF experiences with.


Name on site: Capt. Kain


Name in game: Capt Kain


platform(s): PC


Position(s) you want to play: Assault Troop/Pilot/Jetpack Troop/ pretty much any position with teamwork.


Contact info: kamartte@hotmail.com


Extra Info:

Have been playiing FPS since Doom came out. Had my own clan in Quake II. I love teamplay and section attacks. I am a good trooper to the cause looking to have a great time in teamwork in taking out the enemies with ease.

I am leaving this message hoping there is a clan out there that is recruiting for good teamplay with comms on TS/Vent.

I am located in Canada along the eastern coast. My Time Zone is AST. I am pretty much on almost any night between 6-9PM EST though. And on during day on weekends when I can.

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Name on site: Abnagle


Name in game: Fn0rk


Platform: PC, of course


Positions I wanna play: Trooper, Sniper and jettrooper. Can also be secondary pilot


Extra Info:


I'm seeking a clan with good tactics and of -game contact. I'm good at tactics, and I am good at being in a "strike team". I live in sweden, stockholm.

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Name on site: icE_x


Name in game: icE


platform(s): PC (Used to have XBOX but traded it in for EB Credit)


Position(s) you want to play: I'm ok as a sniper, but a regular trooper with my rapid fire - i like to rush at the enemy and jus gun em down :p


Contact info: You can email me at digitalfusionx@earthlink.net . Thinking of getting an XFire ID soon.


extra info: I'm out of highschool now, workin on makin some money n hookin up my car :p But i have a lot of free time on my hands, and i love to play this game, along with counterstrike every now and then. I have a web design business (http://www.cflcomputing.com) so if anyone is interested in starting a clan and need help with a site or anything, hit me up. :p

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Name on site: MoNkEyBrAiN


Name in game: MoNkEyBrAiN




Position(s) you want to play: Any, whatever the situation demands, although I'm a crap pilot.


Contact info: imonkeybrain@hotmail.com


extra info: Looking for a UK clan with teamspeak or that aspiration. I'm 31 and played Ghost recon and Far Cry before SWBF. I need a home free from Darth Kevins.




Radeon 9700pro

32" Samsung LCD

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Name on Site: Noriyuke


Name in Game: Noriyuke


Platforms: PC. Xbox.


Position(s) you want to play: All Troops. Anything that is needed for the Map or Situation.


Contact Info:Noriyuke@Gmail.com AIM:Noriyuke MSN:Webspy121@hotmail.com



Extra info: Ive been playing this game for a while and i love it. I Can Practice on Wedsndays from 3:00pm-6:00pm, Sundays from 12:00pm-8:00pm. Eastern Standard Time. I can Play at those Times as well :p

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Name on site: Locke-77

Name in game: Locke

Platform(s): PC

Posistion: Any

Contact info: Email me at locke_77@msn.com or I have msn messenger as well for the same email


Extra info: I'm looking for a recreational clan basically. I'm kind of new to the whole first person shooter thing (I have some limited CS experience). Basically I'm just looking for a clan that will let me learn how to play properly without assholes pking me or people calling me a 'noob' all the time. Everybody's gotta start somewhere.

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