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AVP Predator Model In-game


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Originally posted by Psyk0Sith

Not to mention the other clone wars models (6 of them) i've modeled, textured and compiled so far :rolleyes:.


You tell em' pskyo, this man owns you all, so shut up most of my modeling help was provided by him and his fabulous website and anyone who dare critisizes his abilities (especially if you aren't a modeller), you are hereby declared stupid.

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Bitchin, all the way!


I'd love to reskin that model, and use him for a bounty hunter in a SP level. It'd be nice to have a break from all of the Boba/Jango Fett appearances (neither of them can be everywhere at once).


Vote: The Predator, Governor of California, next election!


Arnold: "Stop it! I'm ze Govunata! He not even frum dis planet!":D

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-Added icons

-Blue / Red team skins added

-Added cloaked skin shader (ripoff from morgan)

-Added 3 NPC's


If anyone has a better cloaking shader then let me know (show me a link or an example in this thread)


Skins were not done by me and are very low quality so i'll include templates for custom textures.


Need to fix 3 bugs i just found out yesterday, release should be some time this weekend.

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What I did for my personal Ninja model of mine was use spec lighting on the deep indetations of the torso ect and then the main skin just trasparent. I completly achived this affect:




Which I belive is a good cloak effect that suits Ninja and Preator.


To get this just make a new layer, then brighten the darken parts like this well just look at this


Quicky Skin BTW











I belive thats eveything you need to know

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Alright i'm having some problems with the shader, i've only managed to make it completely transparent so far which is not good! :p.


Hopefully Darth Kitty can show me how it's done since i'm a noob with shaders (the actual .shader file).


The models i've made for Clone Wars (cartoon style) Mod are:




-Mace Windu

-Battle Droid

-Count Dooku

-Clone Trooper / Arc Trooper


In the same style as Durge and Asajj (by monsoontide)

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