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holy ****...i started playing at around 12, and it's 6:30. there's alot of side-quests and minigames you can do, and there's fishing, fist-fighting matches, treasure hunting, etc. XD it's so cool. the only thing i don't care for however, is that your character seems to age really fast...=\ me no like gray hair.

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I am so damn jealous. I wish I could hold a copy of that game in my hands right now. I'd be playing it for hours non stop.


Rogue: Your character only ages when you do quests, slow down and enjoy the rest of it a bit more! (I wish I could.)

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Originally posted by Rogue15

do good deeds, mow the neighbor's yard, rake some leaves!

Don't be cold, get some gold! :rofl:


Or maybe you could rob someone! Then you could help a bully beat up a kid for his money! Ooh, or maybe you could run into someones house and steel it! That sounds fun! :p

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Originally posted by Pal™

I have to wait another month, because I'm in Britain. I really really want to murder those Microsoft bastards. The game was made in the UK and you U.S people get it first, it's ****ing stupid.


Sorry for the language, I've been waiting for this game for years, and then Micro go and make stupid ****ing mistakes like that.









Originally posted by obi

I'm currently waving bye to my money, because I'm getting Fable, Battlefront, and the star wars dvd set.






It'll be worth it though ;)




This month in reviwe


new comp 300+

Battlefront 50

Star Wars DVD 50


spending 400 in one month just for star wars...



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I have four wives...but I think one of them has gone missing...I haven't seen her in a looong time...but oh well, I love how I'm always getting platemail gifts from my wife in Oakvale :D



I LOVE the level up system in Fable, It's so unique and awesome, and...woah.


I played for like....8 hours today I think :indif:

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