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The best StarWars game?


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I'm not a roleplayer, so I can't speak for KOTOR or SWG.


Don't get me wrong, Battlefront can be fun, but it's highly overrated (the pc version) and until it gets some more serious patching I can't consider it one of the best in my opinion. It reminds me of Star Wars Trilogy Arcade (okay that game wasn't so buggy, it was just fun and atmospheric). Optionwise they really skimped on that game, and that's not a good thing if you want it to have a long-lasting community.


The JK series is pretty much it for me, though X-Wing Alliance is a pretty dang good game.

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When Episode I - The Phantom Menace came out, this was my favourite for years.

But now I think KOTOR was the best thing they ever made.

XWA is next, then JKA.


Galaxies is really cool, but I don't think you can compare it to the others... it's really different stuff, isn't it?

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