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N00B to SWBattlefront.net


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SW: Battlefront is a game I've been looking forward to ever since it was first announced. I'll be picking up the Xbox version and taking it on Live. But it looks like it has tons going for it.


The reviews are coming in, as most of you have seen, and this is a case of "good news, bad news" but in the end I'll rely on the one review that really counts - mine.


I decided to join these forums mainly because the official forum at LucasArts.com leaves alot to be desired - to put it mildly. I'm an "older" gamer and while I'm encouraged to know the future of gaming is set based on how many pre-teens or younger people(aka kids) seem to frequent that and many forums, I still feel a need to interact with people who can actually make sense, or at least hold their own in a conversation. I guess it really boils down to ones' own level of maturity, and age really isn't an indicator of that, if you get my drift.


I also noticed a total lack of developer and publisher input on those forums and wondered if Lucas or Pandemic or both actually participated in these forums? Whatever the case, I'm stoked for Battlefront.

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Originally posted by Alegis

Many dislike IGN already because it brought a disturbance in their faith for battlefront. Then come some new footage and everyone is happy again :) a demo is the best review, i say.


I don't think we should lay that negatove input aside to quick. It mihgt not be as bad as they say, but they probably aren't completely wrong either.

Everything who thinks all negative input is crap will be very disapointed when the game comes out, and that doesn't only apply on battlefront.


BTW, welcome to the forums :D

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Alegis; Some sweet looking wallpapers. Good to know the devs are providing input here. I find it fairly uncommon that demos act as a good barometer for judging a game though. There are exceptions, like the Battlefront demo, but again, this would be an exception rather than the rule.


Mountainforest; thanks for the welcome. :)

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Well, well. The release is out and the n00bs start rolling in.


How... lavish.


Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sabretooth. The whacked-out mind-changing paranoid with multiple identities.


I don't sell bananas.


I hang out in many places, especially the Swamp. Also, look at my fanfic if you feel like it.


I don't sell any other fruit.


My speciality here is my old-fashioned desktop and my quality of being the.. ahem... AUTHOR, CREATOR, ORIGINATOR AND FIRST READER OF THE OFFICIAL SWAMPERS' LIST!!


I've been thinking of a TaunTaun Slicers' list, but nobody's too unique just yet...


Oh yes, don't send me spam or salesmen or I'll hurt you with my flying hanky power.



Thank you.

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