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Originally posted by GotGameServers

There should be a class action lawsuit against lucasarts (whoever) for favoring windows hosting companies and not parallel developing a linux server along with the windows server for release.


That's just ridiculous. Honestly. It's evident that this game was rushed out to release as is, they barely had time to get a dedicated server out, period - let alone a linux server as well.


Please, initiate your lawsuit, I only wish I could be there to hear the judge laugh at you while throwing your case papers out the window. Oh, maybe you could try Judge Judy. I do hope you were kidding...


They're working on a freakin linux server. It's been mentioned in numerous places. Keep your pants on.

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I have one server available to rent if anyone is interested. You can test the server first. The name is DrunkenMasters-Rent-Me! and it is running on dual 2.8 p4 xeon processors, 2 gigs ddr ram, 73 gig scsi 10000 rpm hard drive. It is connected to a oc48 network located in Dallas, Tx.


Included with the server is a free teamspeak channel, unlimited bandwith, anb a private ftp site.


First $75 gets it.


Email - neverdie_7@yahoo.com

Website - http://www.drunkenmasters.us



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Rapidgamer.com offers servers with full remote control including changing the server name, map rotation, passwords, reinforcements, etc.. from an easy to use web panel. NO TEXT EDITING!


The only thing that we do not offer is the kick/ban feature and all of our current customers were aware of this before they purchased.


Check us out, you won't be disappointed...Click Here

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Ecliptical Realms is a must for the list! We host week-long battles, called Battleweeks, each month simulating real club-based battles of varying size with many different player, club, and event statistics. Awards are given out to the top clubs and players. We also host double-elimination tournaments for Battlefront.


Check it out.



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Dude, this post is over 2 years old, almost no one still looks at the BF1 boards anymore. And besides, until vis is kicked out, its more like corrupted realms where what vis and mael say is what happens. That and they put ads to porn sites up for a bit. Not flaming you, flaming the site and most of its admins.(the ones who havent been kicked off because mael and vis disagreed with them.)

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