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SWBF PC Dedicated Server FAQ


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StarWars Battlefield PC Server Admin FAQ 1.01

September, 22 , 2004: 3:00 PM EDT


This is a FAQ for Server admins. It will be updated as more information becomes available from Lucas Arts or other Admins.


UPDATE 9/23: Log Files & Increasing FPS

UPDATE 9/26: running in non English Windows

UPDATE 10/5: 3rd Party tools


Where can I get the Standalone PC Dedicated Server?




Will there be a Linux Server

To be released ‘soon’ according to Lucas Arts


Does the server support the 1.00a patch?

Yes, both patched and unpatched players can play on a 1.0 Dedicated Server (there is no server patch)


Can I run these off my home computer

Yes, but to handle anything more than 6 players requires a connection better than cable/DSL, For more info GO HERE.


What options do I have setting up a server?

- Server Name

- Maps & Rotation (upto 24)

- Max Players (up to 50) & players required to start

- Number of AI Units

- Heroes On/Off

- AI difficulty level

- Friendly Fire On/Off

- Auto Team Select On/Off


Is there a client-based mod content check or Punkbuster option?



Is there a way to display the server on ASE?

No, Gamespy only


What Data Port does it use?



Is there a separate server manager program from LA or a 3rd Party?



Is there a server log file created?

Yes, but to turn this option on you have to edit the setup file


Is there a way to control the IP and/or Port used?



Is there anyway to control the server remotely?



Are there console commands from within the game?



Is there a way to kick/ban players, change maps or make any changes once a server is running?

No (except turning it OFF)


Can I increase the max fps?

Yes you can by editing the setup file. It is not recommended to go above 30.



Are there going to be updates/patches that offer more admin support?

yes...timing unkown see Pandemic Response here





Why cant I run the dedicated server on my remote box, it wont start up?

You may need to install DirectX 9.0c .



Can I run the Server on a non English version of windows?

yes solution here


-----------3rd PARTY TOOLs-----------------



Is there a 3rd Party Server Manager/Remote Manger?


Both the developers who made managers for Battlefield and Battlefield Vietnam have expressed interest, but due to the lack of RCON controls within the game prevent any development at this point


Are there Server Status and Player Stats scripts I can put on my website?

Yes. Both Stats and Status scripts are available in PHP and CGI here

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LAN game option -

Does this mean the game is available only to LAN clients or is available to LAN clients, in addition to Internet clients?


If LAN game is not selected, I am unable to join from my workstation on the LAN.

However, I want to make sure my friends can also join in from the Internet.


Anyone else with a similar setup, please post.


I'm also still in the dark regarding the earlier post about ports and protocols.


Is 3658 the only open port needed for Internet play and is UDP the only protocol allowed on port 3658?


I agree, they should work on the unusually large resolution needed to open the server interface.

Who runs a file/print/app server at 1280x1024 res?

No option to minimize it either.

I had to connect a 17 inch LCD to mine in order to see it all.


It's a cool game, a total ripoff of BF1942, but still cool.


I really wish Lucasarts would show a little support and try to help people trying to host with a few decent mod/edit/server tools and some decent documentation.


They are probably all sitting around watching the bucks roll in from sales, going "this is our half-life, finally!".


Little do they realize that half-life was a good game, but the community is what made it great game.

Not mention making $ale$ last for $ix year$ after relea$e.


Without the Lucasforums, I think this game wouldn't have half the popularity.


So thanks Lucasforums, from a fan, for supporting it.


If anyone has some help for my questions, please post.

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Originally posted by TPM_Montross

if we dont get some good patches quick, the game is going to die fast


Id say that is happening now

I know a patch went but we're losing players every map rotation


Its really just the folks that want to be 'in costume' in the Star Wars saga.

Because there are much better combat games available.

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Hey Tyrant thanks for adding my post to your faq I just kept seeing my post drop down the list and I was hoping I was not going to have to keep updating it with nothing just to keep it on top..


As soon as more software is made or becomes available I will update my post so everyone has access to the most recent info.

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Half-life and valve itself has a great following because they've setup their multiplayer so well. People can create custom maps, mod their servs, kick and ban people, do all sorts of things, so the game never really gets old. Plus, there are more and more new people that just got into the game, keeping the game alive, and replacing the old ones that got tired of the game and left That's why it lasts so long.


And, for one, Valve uses it's own online service (now STEAM), and not GAMESPY. I've never been a fan of gamespy. Lots of advertising, blah! It's good though that you don't need gamespy to get into the starwars games. And with the recent patch, they improved the game finding interface with filters, etc. They're getting the hang of it.


Also, games last a really long time if the company that made the game keeps supporting it with new versions. Mechwarrior 3 was a great game, released in 1998 you'd have tons of people on MSN Zone, in the hundreds, all to play the game. However, the studio that developed the game only came out with 1 patch, 1 measly patch that helped a little with the gameplay. There were custom maps, and some other customizations, but very few and far between. Their multiplayer thing could've been better. They could've had the option of dedicated servers. They didn't have the option to join while the game was in progress, which really killed it. No patches, no custom stuff, the game pretty much died after a while. And then windows XP comes out, and the game doesn't even run on the new OS anymore. There are still a few die-hard people who play mw3, the room hits around 20 people or so, with half of them away and a quarter of them playing. LA needs to stay on top of this game, and keep it going, and it'll have a long future :)


Oh yesh, did i mention i love dunkin donuts?

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i have a question:

when trying to setup a dedicated server to use on my lan at home, i can never be able to join the game. I see the games on the other computers, but the ping registers at 9999 and i cant see the details of the server.


it is the same for every computer that runs the dedicated server, 9999 ping is what the other computers see and i cant join them.


if i start a non dedicated, there is no problem. The main reason i want to use the dedicated server at the moment is because it is easier to setup than in game, and the fact that you can set the tickets.


any help would be appreciated, thanks

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Not recommended I know but I've had the dedicated server and client operating on the same PC.


I used to do this in Halo by putting my client on a different port to my server but in SWBF I can't do this. What I do instead is start my client, ALT + ESCAPE, run the dedicated server, and then go back into my client to play. I wouldn't recommend this if your PC isn't running on a reasonably good spec but I've had it going with 18 people entering the game without any issues.

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When I ran windows I had that problem, if what you're speaking of is not being able to join your pc dedicated server from your ps2 on the same network. I solved it by fixing the ps2's network address and making it the DMZ. To get your ping to show up, you need to set your router to respond to external pings (not wise to leave it that way though) If you port-forward to your pc you may not be able to talk to other players, so see if it works without.


This is all old news, but the idea that pc's can handle no more than 6 players is a myth. Mainly because most DSL lines have 256kbits of upload bandwidth, and though cable can go faster, it doesn't do so consistently. I've monitored the bandwidth used by players on my server, and for lag-free it works out to about 60kbits for the 1st, 58 for the second, a little less for each additional player. So if you have a better DSL line, for instance mine has a settled upload of about 690 kbits/s, and max of 896kbits/s, you can handle 10 to 12 with no problems at all.

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