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Voice Chat!?!?


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Did I, or did I not recall them saying there would be voice chat in the game? I could deal with the server browser thing if there was some actual teamwork and communication going on.... not to mention, you can only type like half sentences, and for me ( 70 wpm ) that is rather rediculous. I have been killed SO MANY TIMES because I was trying to type something in the chat box, and well that is rather crazy.


I am not bitching really, because I love the game thus far. Good stuff. I never even played Battlefield so for me, this is just a whole new ballgame that I can see myself really getting into, and doing some organized clan play IF, we can get some chat server on the "walk-on" servers. I know that organized play yields third party servers because they sound better anyway, but they need to at least add something.


Day of Defeat, the Half-Life mod which wasn't even made by a game company to begin with, has voice chat. I love that game.... maybe I will go back to it DEV'S because I know you can add something here in a patch... and good god is it needed!





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