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(my big) suggestion list

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Hi, newb here, so I'd appreciate if you're all fairly patient with me. I've been lurking here for a while as I'm a "closet" SWBF fan. I don't own it, my close friend does and I'm actively "spreading the word". We make a great team.


Okay, enough blab.

Apologies, but my list of suggestions (for a battlefront 2?) is kinda long.


General game lark:

I think that battlefront would be cool to have an active tutorial that lets you walk around on a “holodeck” of sorts while a Leia soundalike introduces some key concepts, rather than some dull movies. I think it’d be cool to give battlefront the feel that it is a military simulation, say like something the New Republic conjured up as a method of studying war tactics to use against the Yuuzhan Vong. It’s not critical though, just presentation.


The FPV on the PS2 version is pretty lame, I think the hands and weapons are too small, the proportions should be more like Halo2, which is very convincing. Being able to see your own feet is a cosmetic bonus and probably would make the game a serious fps contender. Oh, and better weapon models! What the heck is the Darktrooper doing with an E11!



I think some more alternative skins for each class on different levels (e.g. Snowtroopers) would be cool, especially for the droids and clones. Maybe Ep3 will highlight some neat ideas, but otherwise, I'd like to see ice-encrusted droids on Rhen-Var, it’s cosmetic.


The Darktrooper probably needs a more powerful “shotgun”. I should be able to kill 2 enemies at once at close range, not have it relegated to a “melee” weapon. Otherwise, no complaints.


Vehicles and weapons:

I think the AT-ST was screwed. The concussion grenade launcher should be put back in and under the control of pilot 2 IMHO to counter the Rebel “tank”, by making it anti-vehicle.


I feel that vehicles can be almost “too” good in general, because they have high acceleration (AAT excluded). I think they should give the feel they do weigh over 30 tons with only a repulsolift to get them off the flow, so nixxing acceleration (not top speed!) would stop people just “charging in”. I feel vehicles should be for heavy support, not something that can win the battle and rack up mega-kills.


I think weapons should be separated into anti-infantry, anti-tank and “kill-all”. The AP weapons would have large splash and kill infantry well, but be near useless on vehicles, while the AT weapons should have a minimal splash in comparison, but hurt a ton if given a direct hit, while the “kill-all” just sums up the AT-AT. So I think the Rebel landspeeder should have AT missiles, and an AT main cannon with small splash damage, so it depends on its blasters to defend itself from Shocktroopers. It’s just “re-prioritising weapons” really.


So I think that rocket infantry should actually have a tighter splash radius and grenades and mines etc should have a much larger “bang”.


I disagree about the realism of aircraft slowing down as “unrealistic”, after all, they have to land sometime and if they’re VTOL anyway, they might as well have a good cruising speed.


Oh yeah, hijacking vehicles would be hilarious, perhaps it’s a pilot’s unique ability, but an AT-AT would be captured like a heavy command post, so in other words, “watch your back!”



Galactic conquest:

This one’s a biggie!


It should be able to be played online!

Also, I think it’d look better if the map was the Star Wars universe map, that is shown on the loading screen, so you’d get a brill transition from choosing the planet, to zooming in on it’s surface.


Also, there should be more planets and more levels! Ideally, for galactic conquest, there should be a level “the good guys” dominate, a level the “bad guys” dominate and a “free-for-all” level. So when a planet is being contested, the level chosen is based on who currently owns it. E.g. if the rebels invade an imperial Tatooine, gives a different level than if the imps invaded a rebel Tatootine. If the planet is nuetral the “free-for-all” level takes place, where neither side has a particular advantage.


Also, you should have to “earn” planetary bonuses, not have them at start, so you don’t start with any planets, but 4 wins in a row means you can attack their base planet with your superweapon if they have no other planets, for a quick win. But if the opponent has any planets, they must be attacked. The base planet can’t be attacked directly unless the opponent has no other planets and the superweapon is not ready (after 4 victories). In other words…nab those planets!


There should be more bonuses as well, such as “vehicles auto repair” or “poison” where your units are poisoned and loose health slowly down to 50%, just to make the bonuses much stronger.


If you get a “medel” you should be rewarded, such as a higher default ammo for good snipers, and a lightsabre for Jedi killers!


Also, if you win two matches in a row, perhaps there should be the option to disable the opponent’s superweapon by invading it! E.g. the famed death star level, Admiral ackbar’s command ship for the rebellian, a trade fed. Ship or a Rebuplic command ship. If you win, the superweapon is disable until they recapture it. Of course, there’s nothing stopping the opponent from winning just enough to disable yours and regaining control of theirs if they’re good enough.



I think that there should be options for removing vehicles in “quick-play” and online as well as allowing the imperials/rebels on Geonosis and the clones/droids on Endor. After all, it isn’t aiming for realism in those situations, just fun and “what-if” scenarios.


Also, melee attacks where at close range you “auto-whack” with the butt of your rifle would be rather funny and good for sneaking up on campers.


A “kill the VIP” would be cool, with side and level specific VIPs, such as the Emperor on the death Star, an MTT on Naboo etc, where they’d take disgusting amounts of damage, but could be healed and an auto-win for the assassinations.


Also, there should be configurable options for numbers of reinforcement points, from 200-infinty where there is a time limit and victory is based on command point % captured at the end of the match.


Phew! I think that covers it.

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-Health bar or at least a button to call for medic/ammo, and i can see an icon over their head. ATM as a pilot i dont see why i should run after em and beg em to accept my packs. If you include these icons i would heal em etc


Concur. Pilot should be able to see allies' health via a visual indicator to aid with the decision to dispense ammo/health packs.


Also concur that the 'game wrap up' screen should allow players to type messages to each other. Post-game chat is a requisite of online gaming!


Also concur the pregame sat image displays need more information. At least show players the specific map name, not just the planet name!


Would also like to have a transparent scoreboard through the TAB key and still be able to move around the map concurrently, similar to how most scoreboards are implemented in most FPS games.


Do not concur that the air vehicles should not be able to fly low and slow. I can't do good close air support without throttling down and lining up my ground targets. Keep the air vehicle speeds as they are. :D


And the Wookie timebomb should be made throwable.


Also, I think the wookie detonator launcher should made to perform like the imperial issue detonator launchers: With a default tap shot, the detonators should explode on contact but if you charge up the launcher, you can bounce the detonators around the combat area.


Currently, I've had several maddening experiences as a Wookie where I shoot a detonator right in a Stormy's FACE and the detonator simply bounces off without detonating! :wookiee:


Also, how about let players doubleclick on the spawnpoints when selecting a spawn location. This would spawn them at the doubleclicked location. Far more efficient interface that way, than clicking a spawnpoint and then moving the mouse all the way over and lining up on the spawn button and clicking on it.


Galactic Conquest online is an idea who's time has come! Please, Pandemic, give us Galactic Conquest for multiplayer!

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Hello there ... finally got admitted to the forum and I'm just now checking the threads ... some nice suggestions here...


Well ... I nearly completely agree with Redtech's suggestion list ... though I'm not so sure about his complaints concerning the vehicles and rocket infantry... but I'm a Rookie who's hardly had the chance to play this game against anyone but the computer yet.


But yes! Yes and yes again! Galactic Conquest absolutely has to be reworked to include multiplayer mode (and please not just online, but for LAN, too)!


It would certainly add some -desperately needed - spice to the game ... I actually had some very similar ideas as to how one could make Galactic Conquest more strategic and interesting. As possible advantages for controlled planets ... how about - just for example - an imperial garrison city at Tattooine with nice fortress walls, turrets, lots of propagan... err ... I mean of course: information posters (Peace and Order for the Galaxy! /The emperor smiles down upon you, loyal subject! / Have you seen this rebel? / Pay your taxes, help to end the war!),and some neutral stormtroopers patroulling in the streets?


It would also be great if one could - to a certain degree - buy vehicles prior to the actual combat ... one would of course need a commander for each team for this ... but that shouldn't be such a great problem, should it?


I also agree that we need more skins ... and maps!


How about some space based maps with a Mon Calamari Cruiser and a Star Destroyer? They wouldn't even need to me mobile, it would be sufficient if they just stood in place as a base with multiple command points . Some rooms for the turret operators, a bridge for the VIP (yes ... I love this idea, too! ;) ) ... an engine room as a destructible command point, hangars, from which fighters could be launched ... and which could be captured by the enemy faction! This would of course require the introduction of a Tyderian shuttle or Stormtrooper Transport - but the Civil War Era needs flying transports anyway :) ... and it would be just great!


Enter one of those cursed rebel cruisers, capture the hangar, blast your way through the corridors - and blow up the power generator! Hehe! About time to give the rebels a taste of their own stupid standard sabotage tactic!


Ups ... I should try to stay neutral ... don't want to be a too open supporter to the just imperial cause ;)


Anyway ... such a ship map would be a great excuse for a couple of new skins, too. How about the black clad imperial marine troops replacing the stormtroopers in this level (with a weaker, but more precise blaster gun, perhaps? Just as a variation ...) and more varieties of the rebel rocket trooper uniform for the rebel side ... and perhaps a different pilot skin. Each ship could have neutral engineers /troopers standing around and maybe also assisting to fight intruders.


... and we need a Coruscant map, with loyal imperial militia / citizens protecting the street, a double-light-saber equipped red clad Royal Guard as a special imperial Troop (perhaps with chain lightning as a secondary weapon) ... yes ... don't complain, rebel scum ... ehm ... I mean, my dear rebel friends, of course one could also replace those lousy wookies with some jedis for this level.

Oh ... creative overflow - I guess I should better stop here, don't want to spam this nice forum :o

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I suppose it would be cool for space battles, but I prefer the ground ones personally, because all the space games will do it better. I prefer ground based combat anyway. I mean, who took out the Death star shield generator? :p


Cool variations on the skins would be cool, (following the weak stormtrooper idea) but some new "sub-factions" might be better, like playin as the Wookiees, the Naboo royal guard, the New Republic etc.


Anyway, I'd hate to play a map where the "only good" Imp unit was nerfed! :p

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I think you misunderstood me, my dear fellow imperial!


I didn't propose to introduce a pure spaceship combat battle map. You're right, this should be something for a Tie Fighter sequel ;)

Though my idea for space maps definitely features starfighter skirmishes, this wouldn't necessarily be the main focus ... just the first step for boarding battles. A shuttle with fighter escort tries to make it to the enemy capital ship, enters the hangar, the troops on board get out, capture the command point there and trie to conquer the rest of the ship, which (along with the other ship) would be the main part of the battle. The space outside the ships would be a kind of secondary battlefield. To make it interesting for anything besides the actual boarding-of-the-hangar-part, the starfighter could perhaps be allowed to target some key points like external shield generators or energy systems (cuts down ship power systems, maybe interior turrets/shields ... and bathes the enemy ship corridors in red emergency light :) etc...). But if that's too complicated, well ... you'd need to go back to space anyway once one faction repels the invaders and regains control of it's own hangar and other command posts.

Sigh ... I really hope such a thing will be introduced someday in this game. Well ... I don't know what you think of it, but I always liked the concept of boarding battles - just think of Vader's troops entering this pitiful rebel corvette in Episode 4. Not that this was a particularly spectacular battle, but I think it shows a great deal of potential.


By the way, of course I didn't want to weaken our valiant empire's forces ... THe black clad marine trooper (I don't know how they are actually called, in Jedi Knight 2 they were called "Commandos" but I also found some other sources which described them as the Empire's standard marines) is not supposed to be weaker then the stormtrooper (well, it would make sense, when you consider that stormtroopers are supposed to be the Empire's elite, but let's ignore this for balance) ... I just thought it would be interesting if he had a slightly different equipment than the standard stormtrooper. A weaker but more precise or perhaps quicker heavy blaster pistol to replace the standard stormtrooper gun was just an idea along this line.


Besides: do you really think all classes but the stormtrooper are weak? I'm not that sure about this ;) Even the pilot - which I once considered to be the most useless class outside of vehicles - can do some amazing things if you learn to use his mortar ... Ah ... I love to be a Tie pilot (well ... since Tie Fighter, so I'm perhaps a little biased):D


Oh ... one further point to support space maps: When I think back to the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels (really nice, but sadly another horrible piece of rebel propaganda ;)) they did feature some good boarding battles, though you have to endure the fact that valiant imperial troops are once again portrayed as being as ready for combat as clay pigeons in a shooting gallery.

Anyway, it had this one scene with imperial space troopers ... which strikes me as a very good idea for another special class. Troopers in extremely bulky suits which were able to fly in space and were armed with photon torpedo launchers ...

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Actually, make the Dark Trooper more like the Clone Jet trooper and there's your space trooper right there.


I only play against bots, but I don't find most imp units to be superior to their rebel or even droid equivalents sadly. I'm ticked off personally, although the pilot and sniper are pretty decent. I just feel the old "trooper" is the real 'bang for your buck' trooper.


Actually, a boarding party level would be excellant come to think of it. I'd have loved if Bespin was like that as well. Got real potential if done right.

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Ah ... but we want more variety, not less, don't we? :)

Anyway, as the Clone Jet Trooper is - in my opinion- the only class that is potentially overpowered, it makes little sense to clone him (sorry for the pun). And I didn't have another swift and mobile jet-trooper class in mind ... quite the contrary: a slow trooper in an extremely heavy suit (which perhaps might be able to take a bit more damage then your usual stormtrooper armour) ... a spacetrooper wouldn't be able to use vehicles and even be a bit sluggish when turning around, yet he would be able to fly a little (mainly in space) and have a ... mmmh ... short ranged, but very powerful torpedo attack? Perhaps also effective against vehicles, but I'd leave that question to the balancing team ;)


Another point: every imperial soldier is of course far superior to rebel scum ... But to prevent our trainees from boredom, rebel troops in this simulation have of course been unrealistically strengthened for the sake of a more balanced fighting experience.


Thus in this context, imperial troops are not MEANT to be superior to rebel's rabble. Of course we still remain morally superior, as we are fighting on the right side and don't have to resort to sabotage and dealing with smugglers :D


... but let's come back to boarding battles - thanks for the support!

I hope the list of supporters for this will grow even more... the concept is expandable, after all, as there are so many exciting things one can try to board :deathstar (just to pick up one of your earlier suggestions ;) )

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-More game modes

ie: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, etc.

-Vehicles abit overpowered.

-Vehicles for mainly transporting troops

(the most a vehicle seems to carry ingame is the repub gunship, which isnt really much for transporting.)

-Again, the Jedi, some way to kill them other than blowing them off on maps.

-Ability to play as a third team on certain maps

ie: gonohrea in jabba's palace, tuskens in dune sea, geonosians in geonosis, etc.

-Weapon fixes

The blaster rifles are basically just blasters that shoot fast, maybe increase damage.


that would be nice


That is all. :)

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I did make the Wookiee's Time Bomb throwable (gave it to the Imperial and Rebel Pilot since I replaced the Wookiee and I needed something for the pilots), and now it's like a really big concussion grenade. It's quite possibly more useful for anti-tank than a missile launcher. Two or three Time Bombs will take out a tank easy. Of course, you do have to be at close range.


And Coraan Talme... here I thought you were this expert Imperial and you don't even know that the Imperial "Commandos" in Jedi Knight are really Imperial Navy Troopers! Did you not pay attention to who Luke, Han, and Chewie were blasting in the Death Star detention block, or who was manning the controls of the Endor shield bunker? :p

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Hey! I was never one of those regular navy troopers! They just recruited me on the spot for Tie Fighter Training. Of course I know that those black clad guys with the funny helmets are always there on the capital ships -usually standing in our way every emergency launch - ... and I've also heard rumours that they are those navy troops ... but I'm not that familiar with ordinary soldiers. We Tie Pilots are a hard bunch of elite fighters and we don't consort with everybody ;)

Besides, they ARE listed as commandos in this manual ... although this probably means nothing ... it's just a piece of junk from rebel intelligence, after all. It is certainly a good thing that they know NOTHING about the organisation of our forces.

Anyway, knowing that they ARE supposed to be on capital ships - one more reason for them to be included in a boarding battle :D

Thanks, TK-8252! Oh ... one more question: Do you happen to know what REGULAR imperial ground forces look like? You never see anyone but stormtroopers on GALACNET or any other channel, yet ... as stormtroopers are supposed to be the elite - who's the standard force?

Throwable Time Bombs sound like fun ... but isn't this a little overpowered - especially if you just add them to an existing class? Anyway ... what did you replace those dreadful wookies with? :)


To Mr. Please: I agree with everything you've said but "overpowered vehicles" - they already lowered their hitpoints and I didn't find them that bad before - and blaster damage, which seems to be fine to me.

Yes! We need Tyderian Shuttles! We need more game modes (my favourite one would be VIP protecting/eliminating, but I'd like deathmatches and capture the flag, too :)) We certainly need more skins and a third faction would be nice, too. How about making smugglers a regular faction? Seems to be ideal to me, especially since they could be used for both time periods.


You could increase the Gamorrean's speed slightly and turn them into the special unit, use a Trandoshan with a Concussion Rifle (just like in good old Jedi Knight) as a Heavy Assault Trooper, one of those Stalk-eye-guys as another class - which has loads of thermal detonators, throwable from two hands at the same time, Rodians with blasters as snipers (one-handed sniper weapon, usable while running but lower range?) and loads of other colorful characters from Jabba's entourage. I think this idea has a lot of potential.

Anyway ... thinking of smugglers ...how about a Nar Shaddaa map? :cool:

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Originally posted by Coraan Talme

Do you happen to know what REGULAR imperial ground forces look like? You never see anyone but stormtroopers on GALACNET or any other channel, yet ... as stormtroopers are supposed to be the elite - who's the standard force?


I've only seen illustrations of these guys, but basically take an AT-ST Pilot and put General Veers' armor on him and that's what the standard but rare Imperial Army Troopers look like. Their weapon is unknown to me... perhaps a BlasTech DLT-20A Laser Rifle? Not sure.




Originally posted by Coraan Talme

Throwable Time Bombs sound like fun ... but isn't this a little overpowered - especially if you just add them to an existing class? Anyway ... what did you replace those dreadful wookies with? :)


They are overpowered if they're throwable. I'll have to adjust the damage values. Right now its possible that these throwable Time Bombs are more useful than a missile launcher for taking out tanks. I gave them to the Imperial and Rebel Pilots since I needed something else for their equipment. I got rid of their mortar launchers, blaster cannons, and gave the Supply Dispensers to the Unique units. I figured that since Luke had a sort of explosive grenade that he took down an AT-AT with that the pilots could have the Time Bombs. I do plan on turning them into Merr-Sonn 7-PrG Proton Grenades like what were used by the Rebel strike team to blow the Endor shield generator.


I replaced the Wookiee Smuggler with a human Rebel Smuggler. I don't have a good character for him yet so I just put a Rebel Soldier in his place. I plan to (once a model for it is made) give the Rebels the BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol for their standard blaster pistol and only give the Rebel Smuggler a BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. His DL-44 shoots way faster like the Republic DC-17 Commando Pistol. He also has the Bothan Spy's/Rebel Marksman's Disguise Kit. I figure that he smuggles Stormtrooper armor and wears it when helping the Rebels. Heh. Then he has one Imperial thermal detonator and the Rebel Pilot's former Supply Dispenser.

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Ah ... thanks for the nice data material :) I have to admit that we pilots sometimes tend to neglect our manual studies as well ... ;)

Mmh ... it seems that either our regular ground troops fight battles somewhat like stormtroopers do in those ridiculous rebel propaganda vids (you know, twenty well armed & armoured troopers continually firing at & constantly missing two pitiful rebels in everyday clothing who somehow manage to take down one stormtrooper per shot) ... and are therefore just not particularly presentable for galactic channels- or Imperial Army troopers are a well guarded secret force, which is actually busy preparing a massive and decisive strike on the rebel scum! Another possibility is that they are notoriously shy and like to keep their private sphere.:rolleyes:

Anyway ... now that we have a phantom picture of those mysterious soldiers - how about adding them to a map? :D (Yes ... I know I keep saying things like that ... but then: there's an awful lot of skins out there waiting to be used ... and why not get EVERY SINGLE ONE of them into the game ... WHARHARHARHAR! - evil, maniacal laughter)


Well, TK-8252 ... I wish to congratulate you for your work on this simulation program! Introducing rebel smugglers into their faction is certainly a measure of high pedagogic value!

This would be an excellent example to show all those new recruits the close link between the rebellion and smugglers ... Ah ... could you perhaps create suitably ragged and dirty clothing for this particular scoundrel? It would subtly underline the closest connection between rebels and smugglers: both are dirty criminals!

On the other hand ... I think you're perhaps planning to put too much equipment in the hands of this special class ... and it would be a shame to rob us poor pilots of our supply dispensers and mortars :confused: ... Well, honestly speaking, I have no idea why mortars belong to our standard equipment ... but then - I don't know if Taun-Taun sandwiches, a bottle of Corellian Ale, a well-stocked library of entertainment vids, a soothing audio disc(Sunset over Coruscant, The Imperial March, Tie-Fighter-Engine MIX etc.), a pair of extra large fluffy house shoes, a lava lamp, fine silk cushions, a dart-board, an inflatable AT-AT, a rubber duck and a piece of soap ... and all the rest of the emergency stuff - are strictly necessary either ...

We pilots sometimes need a proof of our elite status during a hard day in the cockpit... and you just can't say how it would affect combat morale if you took anything of this away ...

The galaxy is a strange place ... You never know if you won't end up with a blown engine tomorrow ... alone on a desolate swamp planet - and the only thing which saves you from being eaten by a giant monsters with incredibly large teeth is ... well ... feeding it your rubber duck maybe ... so that it dies from indigestion. Or maybe a crazed old eremite won't help you unless you give him some decent food or your lava lamp? See - the very idea to take something away from us pilots is irresponsible! :p

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I hate to hijack this thread with my own personal modding (if a Mod wants to split this into a new thread in Editing please do).


Pilots - don't underestimate the blaster pistol here! It does pack a punch. You just gotta know how to use it. I don't understand why they gave Pilots 'nade launchers and such. And giving them a support duty makes even less sense.


In earlier stages, the Rebel Pilot only had a blaster pistol, fusioncutter, haywire (EMP) grenades, and the ability to auto-eject from a destroyed vehicle. Then the next faction revealed, CIS, had the Pilot Droid armed with a 'nade launcher, blaster pistol, fusioncutter, time bombs, and a "repair kit" which was used for repairing other droids (I think the fusioncutter at one point was also used for repairing other droids). It could also auto-eject. But then when they had to remove the Unique support units (officers, real smugglers, etc.), they had to give the Supply Dispenser to the Pilots, and it became the all-around support/engineer unit.


I originally hoped that it could be coded so vehicles could restrict who could and couldn't use it (no Scout Troopers in TIE Fighters or Stormtroopers in AT-ST's). But since they're not releasing the code, I don't think this is possible. This would mean that Pilots would play a much bigger role in, well, actually piloting. But since this isn't possible... I suppose I'll have to give them some sort of primary weapon. But whatever it is it won't be a 'nade launcher, shotgun, or lightning machine.


The Unique units aren't getting any more than they need. The Imperial Officer's only direct weapon is a standard pistol. There's Orbital Strikes which are its best weapon, a Recon Droid taken from the Scout Trooper, and the Supply Dispenser. The Rebel Smuggler has the Commando Pistol which a good weapon, the Disguise Kit which actually isn't as useful as it seems like. All it can do is get you past enemy lines where you can either do sneak attacks on lone Imperials or try to take a Command Post, alone. Then there's the Thermal Detonator and Supply Dispenser.

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I think perhaps a BF2 would need a "re-definition" of classes. Maybe exaggerate their strengths a little. Like CIS are strongly anti-vehicle, Republic anti-personal, Imperial, overall Strong, Rebels, fast and flexible. (With obvious exceptions, which are the special units).




I've always thought a Gian Speeder driven Halo 2 style with people shooting from their seats to be too good! *hint, hint*

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I think it would be cool if the AT-AT could transport units, thats what its name means doesnt it All terrain armored transport? (if this is wrong please tell me...) this way troops dont have to worry about those pesky rebel speeders or snipers and travel in style in an AT-AT until they reach the enemy base and are unloaded to storm it together, so the At-at could have a driver, gunner and like 10 transport positions, of course to balance it if that AT-AT is destroyed with all those units in it... ouch


I like that your removing the pilots weapons TK, it didnt fit them any way, just give em a pistol, fushion cutter, and maybe the ability to set up Health and Ammo droids? just a suggestion.


Another idea i had is to give each of the normal soldier a speacial ability to make it kind of diffrent, like the rebels get some kind of explosive thing, a timb bomb? or maybe just extra grenades to fit with there terrorist nature, while the imperial storm trooper could get a single heath and ammo packet because they are better supplied then the rebels. i dont think it would make them to over powered because, if your in the middle of combat whose gonna remember to use the health/ammo packet? just when there far from help and need the boost. or maybe there gun could have a "stun" feature


All the ideas sound great though!!



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Feedback: Please keep 1st and 3rd person view like it is. I use 3rd person a lot for vehicles/starships/recon droid. If an admin is allowed to limit me to 1st person only, I won't be able to see out of certain vehicles/starships. Thus, I won't be playing on that server.


I could see 1st person only as infantry though. I switch to 3rd after I fire a recon droid... but when taken back to my sniper, I left in 1st person view, I am now in 3rd person. If I want to jump up and run like you know what, I have to switch back :(!!




1. Downloadable Custom Content! If we don't have a custom map installed, please let us download it when we join! Would probably want a "Redirection" for the downloads, so we don't put the load on the current users in game.


2. Did we mention "No FPS Cap?" There, I feel better.


3. Let's have the option of seeing an FPS counter in HUD, instead of relying on a 3rd party program like teamspeak overlay.


4. Let's have the option of seeing network stats in HUD. Like: our ping, packet loss, server name, current number of human/AI players per team.


5. Get rid of the autoaim for pc joystick users, completely! Not enough admins using /noaim option. Sounds like we need a new patch please!


6. Voice Taunts. Already mentioned, but let me add. Give us the option of muting auto-taunts please! If we hear an auto-taunt after each kill, we won't be able to hear anything else. And, of course, don't forget to put a wait time on each manual voice taunt... wouldn't want someone spamming voice taunts like "Your lack of faith disturbs me!" throughout the whole game. I bet mod authors would love the ability to mix their own voice taunt packages. Let's get voice taunts added first!


7. Voice Chat. All of us regular (non-clan) public users won't have any form of voice in game without the devs or mod authors putting it back in. The devs said there are plenty of 3rd party voice chat programs you can use, like: Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Roger Wilco. But, did they take a survey?


How do I know regular players won't be using voice chat programs? Look at this thread... no one else has replied at this time to my call for "public teamspeak:"




And, of course, any in game voice would not be complete without some extra options like:


- option to ignore voice chat


- internet/LAN codec options so servers won't lag online from high demand


- default option to automatically join a specific channel when first connecting or at the start of a new level. Then, if you left yourself on the "Public" channel at the end of a match, you'll be switched back to "Team" on the next level. If that's the default you prefer.


- option for servers to allow/disallow private voice channels. If private chat is allowed, a friend could highlight your name in the player list and select private voice chat. Players could also leave the "use private voice" option blank. But, in any case, make us enter a password for each users private channel, after we select a user to go private voice with. Otherwise, someone will join your private channel and spam you! In theory, everyone playing could join one player's private voice channel.


- onscreen display to show which channel you're transmitting on... to help forgettable users! Otherwise, we'll need to tell our teammates to switch to the public channel if they want to bad mouth the other team hehe :p!!


Whew! That's it for me... for now!!



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