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Battlefront for Battlefield Players


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The following is a guide I had posted for my Battlefield clan to help them get oriented to SWBF...thought it might help other 'converters' from BF




The first thing a Battlefield player notices when they start SWBF is how similiar the game is. You got classes with kits, maps with spawnpoints, health/ammo/repair points, vehicles, etc, etc. However there are some key differences in the game...I will outline them here (some of these are not covered in the manual)


Heavy Command Posts, Destructable Spawn Points and Mobile Command Posts

Like BF the map is littered with spawn points (command posts). Each map also has 'heavy command posts' which are spawn points but more important. These take 3 times as long to capture, some command points cant be captured but (Like in BFV) some can be destroyed. The game tells you where they are (one per level) like "destroy the shield bunker". AT-TEs and AT-ATs acts as a mobile command post.



Secondary Weapons

Unlike BF where you have one weapons list in SWBF you have two: primary and secondary. Your primary is the big stuff and secondary are things like grenades, mines, repair tools, etc. You fire your secondary using Mouse2 button . BF players may want to switch this with the Zoom button (Mouse 3), otherwise you will chuck a nade everytime you wanted to zoom.

How To Use: toggle with the G key, fire with the secondary fire key (default mouse 2)



You can tuck and roll the the right or left, very usefull for getting out of the way of a grenade

How To Use: while 'strafing' right (D) or left (A) hit the jump key (space)



Flying with Jetpacks

The Republic Jet Trooper and the Imperial Dark Trooper have boba Fett like Jetpacks. These can only be operated for a couple seconds to give you a blast upward. There is a fuel gauge in the upper right. Also of note is that these classes are impervrious to falling damage.

How To Use: Hit the Jump Key (space) to Jump then hit it again in midair to fly


Rolling Droidekas

Instead of a jetpack the Seperatist Droid Army has the "Droideka" which cant move around very well when firing, but can turn into a ball and roll quickly.

How To Use: Hit the E (enter vehicle) key to engage/disengage the rolling.



Pilot Class repairing, healing, ammo, & building turrets

The pilot class is kind of a hybrid of BF Engineers and Medics. They can fix things, hand out medkits and hand out ammo (which is new). They can also build Gun Turrets. With vehicles (just like BF) anyone can use any vehicle, however pilots have a special ability in that when they are in a vehicle it automatically repairs itself, and the more pilots in the vehicle the faster if fixes itself. Therefore it is a good idea to have pilots handling all your vehicles

How To Use (repair/heal): Toggle the secondary weapon for fusion cutter (repair) or health/ammo dispensers. Vehicle repair is automatic when inside.

How To Use (building turrets): In various places on certain maps there are turret positions. These can be spotted by seeing square platforms on the ground with a wrench icon. Use the fusion cutter on the platform and voila...instant turret.


Scout Class: Recon Droids & Orbital Strikes

The Scout class is very much the same as BF except instead of binoculars you have a recon droid which can go anywhere on the battlefield (it has a fuel limit guage on the upper right) You see through its eyes. Just like BF you call 'artillery' in SWBF it is called 'orbital strikes'. The beauty is that the orbita strikes are automatic (no need for someone to man artillery). The downside is that the droid is destroyed by the strike, however this is very usefull in taking out vehicles from a hidden position.

How To Use (droid): Select droid from your secondary weapons and lanch it by 'firing' your secondary weapon. The droid has a primary fire laser as well.

How To Use (orbital strike): when the droid is where you want an orbital strike hit the seconary fire again and WAMMO.



Hvy Weapons Claass: Missles and Mines

Hvy Weapons is kinda like a fusion of the Anti Tank and Engineer (but no repairing). However you are more usefull since flying vehicles are on your target list now. The key differences are that your missles are homing and your mines dont hurt your friends (no more TKing). There is no thing in SWBF like an expack unfortunately.

How To Use (missle lock): Use the zoom key to aim and when the reticile turns red fire.


Variable Fire weapons

A few classes have weapons that vary in their power. With these weapons you can fire more powerful and larger arcing bursts at the expense of time and ammo. These include the Wookie Bowcaster, Dark Trooper blast cannon, and others. This feature can also be used to delay the detonation of grenades fire from grenade launchers.

How To Use: Hold down the fire button until you get the charge level you desire then let go to fire



Vehicles often need two people or lots of switching positions

Unlinke Battlefield the primary weapon in many vehicles (like bombs in the TIE Bomber and the main cannon in Tanks, Speeders and other ground vehicles) is fired by a 'gunner' and not the driver. Drivers tend to have access to secondary less effective weapons. It is a good idea to pick up a gunner (at least one should also be Pilot class), or to perfect the art of switching positions to maximise the firepower.


Target Strength Indicator

When targetting a vechile there is a red indicator that shows you the remaining strength in the upper right.


Killed players dont leave kits but do leave ammo or health

Unlike BF you cannot pick up the kit of dead players. However when someone dies the leave behind either ammo or health canisters.


Battlefield things that are not in Battlefront

- Parachutes: you have to land (space bar) to get out of aircraft

- Spectator Mode/Freecam

- Most radio commands: there are some limited team commands (Fkeys 5-12)

- Rolling Aircraft: Aircraft in SWBF cant do barrel rolls

- Expacks: Although the wookie class has a powerful 'timb bomb'

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YEP that is true, PRONE made me laugh my ass off, I mean does everyone have ARTHRITIS in the game or what, THIS is something that should be fixed and is a shame they rushed the game out and not fixed 1st.



By The Way: VERY NICE mini-manual you put together, it does explain alot more then the one that comes w/ the game, i didnt realize you can hold down fire button to charge wookies weapons..

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