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Apparently these are already out:




Not bad. I looked at the rules breifly and it seems to me it's alot like Gladius (one of my favorite all time video games) so maybe I'll actually play the game too. I'm gonna call around and find a place that sells them. I see some sites that sell them seperately. Boba is obviously the most at $35. I wouldn't pay that. I just hope I get him in one of my sets.

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Well, I got a starter set the other day and the guys I got weren't bad.


I got:


Luke, Rebel


Vader, Dark Jedi


Stormtrooper Officer


Stormtrooper (shooting)

I can't find a picture, they just show the running one twice on all the sites that show these at a different angle. This one's cooler than the running one I think.

Stormtrooper (standing)


Rebel Trooper (crouching)


Wookie Warrior


Twi'lek Scoundrel


Twi'lek Body Guard


Tusken Raider



Luke and Vader are rare but guaranteed in the starter. What's dumb is it's possible to duplicate them in booster packs. The guy said you'll end up with tons of stormies and Rebels. He says he trades with customers so if I need to get rid of some duplicates, I know where to go. Trading for rarer ones will be a problem, but if I get a duplicate of a stormie, I'm sure I can swap him for a different styled stormie as long as the stat card is the same. The game hasn't been out too long but he said he's swapped for some rather good ones in his collection. He's seen a Boba but the guy wasn't willing to trade it so it's not impossible to get one.


I plan on ordering the boosters. It'll be cheaper that way. I really want a Bothan Spy in one of my next sets. He looks to be one of the coolest ones that's not rare or super rare.


EDIT - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/main_miniatures.php?viewType=Star%20Wars&info1=Miniatures&info2=Star%20Wars&info3=Rebel%20Storm


Here's a site to order the starter and the boosters for a better price than retail. I payed 20 for the starter but I did get most of the guys I wanted. You can also buy some of them seperately but I doubt I'll dish out that much for one mini. Perhaps if for some reason none of the 5 boosters I order have certain common and uncommon guys, I'll probably order some of those individually.

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I was going to get these, until I realized that I can't purchase the ones I want. The only reason I would want these is so I could stage roleplaying battles, not to do some figurine version of a card game - not that there's anything wrong with that - just not my thang.


Anyway, the "cute" gaminess that they're doing with the way the figures are purchased - blind - really turned me off. If they ever decide to let one purchase the figures one wants, and do away with the stilly "rare - oooh ahhhh" contrivance, then I'll definitely buy some. But until then, this gimmick is going to keep my money in my wallet.

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Sonuva bitch. Someone bought all of the boosters that link I posted had in stock. :mad: I'm holding off now. I don't really wanna run out and pay retail for the boosters. I was gonna get 5 (35 guys) for $46. I was just gonna buy them retail when I went in to trade any duplicates I had. I hope they get more in stock.


Yeah for collecting the value of the figurines kinda cool. It's a break from the same old same old Hasbro stuff I'm getting a bit fed up with. There's no board for RPGing to my knowledge so why do you need figurines exactly? Just curious. I see that listed all over the mini sites that you can use them in your RPGing. Don't you just have paper and dice?

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I paid retail for the starter because I'd feel bad. I talked to the guy for some time and he was pretty cool about it. I'd feel like a jerk if I said, "Thanks for the info, I'll order them from the net" so I took the starter but won't go back to buy any unless I trade.


That link I supplied have them in stock again for 7.75 each. I bought 5 (with shipping it was only $46).


That'll add another 35 guys to my collection of 10. These things seem to be selling fast! Lots of sites either charge retail or have them on backorder.

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High Bidder: Me

My Max Bid: $113.80




I'd love to have it, but I know it's gonna go for $350+. It contains at least 350 guys, but most of them are duplicates of common/ uncommon guys so perhaps people aren't willing to go too high. It does have some nice rare guys (and a few duplicates of some, nice traders). No Boba in it though. :(


I will definately bid a bit higher on this. I'm starting to actually play the game, but the Imps/ Fringe squad I can assemble slaughters the Rebel/ Fringe squads I can make. I need some stronger peices. This lot would be sweet to own.


Since I know I'll lose, I plan on getting a sealed case of 12 boosters for $92. That's 84 guys, 4 of them being Super Rare, 8 of them being Rare. The rest I pray would be the rest of the common/ uncommon guys I need (not that many more to go) and some good peices to make a more balanced gaming experience.

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Shweet good price for a used game. while i still am miatureless that wont be too long, i did however buy the whole galactic heroes collection ( the ones from like playmates or whateever) they actually kinda cool.


Ill let u know when i get some minis, all i want bad is boba for obvious reasons.


Good stuff katarn, i hate ur money.

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Meh, I lost it. My real max bid was 127 something. At school, a friend and me were refreshing every other second and all of a sudden, I was the high bidder at 183.50. I was confused as all hell. I went into 'My eBay' and it said my max bid was 201.99! I did not put that in there. It sold for 207 so it's not like I have to pay a price I don't have to, but it was weird nonetheless.


I'm gonna get a sealed case then for 93 and just get the missing guys from eBay. Let's pray I get a Boba because he's alot!

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That was my dad upping the bid. That scared the crap outta me. He was willing to pay for a part of it because he knew I really wanted it. Oh well....


Yeah, Boba goes for 20-40 ;)


I heard WOTC never remakes stuff in later sets. These will all be worth a lot in a few years if the game is still going on.

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You should get one rare if not a very rare in each booster guaranteed. If you didn't, you got screwed over. Was it sealed with tape or glue? I read sometimes the boosters are tampered with and the rares/ very rares are removed and the box is then resealed with tape. Normally it's like rubber cement or something.


The place I get mine from are sold out. I was all set to order that case just now :(

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Can you pick up the boxes from a shelf and compare their weights? If so, the heavier ones are the ones with VRs in there. Jabba, the speeder bikes, probe droid, and your wampa would all weigh more. It's a nice little trick to get ones you know you either need or could trade with. I sadly can't pick mine up at my store. They're behind the counter :(


I ordered that case the other day, it should be here within the week. I can't wait to see what I get.


I have a possible trade lined up. My VR Vader for a Boba. I dunno if I wanna part with my VR Vader just yet. I want a complete set so it'd be dumb to give up a highly sought after VR for a different VR. Let's see what I pull from this case as I said. I may get a Boba myself or a duplicate of the VR Vader.

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