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I payed 8.50 for shipping. I bought it on the 1st, it shipped yesterday (the 4th). I got screwed over good. Even if it comes tomorrow, I won't get to mess around with them until Monday because I work noon-9 on Saturday and opening to 5 on Sunday.


Oh, I get to play Halo 2 this Sunday!!!!! :D Me and a coworker are gonna go in a couple hours early so we can play before we open the store :D :D :D

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Interested in Clone Strike? I'm not really but here's a possible list of the set. I'll be sure to get all of the generice fringe and a guardian and acolyte which are the only ones that will fit in well with the Rebel Storm set.



01/60 Aayla Secura (VR)

02/60 Aerial Clone Trooper Captian ®

03/60 Anakin Skywalker (VR)

04/60 ARC Trooper (U)

05/60 Captain Typho ®

06/60 Clone Trooper ©

07/60 Clone Trooper ©

08/60 Clone Trooper Commander (U)

09/60 Clone Trooper Grenadier ©

10/60 Clone Trooper Sergeant ©

11/60 Agen Kolar ®

12/60 General Kenobi ®

13/60 Gungan Cavalry on Kaadu ®

14/60 Gungan Infantry ©

15/60 Jedi Guardian (U)

16/60 Ki-Adi-Mundi ®

17/60 Kit Fisto ®

18/60 Luminara Unduli ®

19/60 Mace Windu (VR)

20/60 Naboo Soldier (U)

21/60 Padme Amidala (VR)

22/60 Plo Koon ®

23/60 Qui-Gon Jinn (VR)

24/60 Quinlan Vos (VR)

25/60 Saesee Tiin ®

26/60 Yoda (VR)



27/60 Asajj Ventress ®

28/60 Battle Droid ©

29/60 Battle Droid ©

30/60 Battle Droid ©

31/60 Battle Droid Officer (U)

32/60 Battle Droid on STAP ®

33/60 Count Dooku (VR)

34/60 Dark Side Acolyte (U)

35/60 Darth Maul (VR)

36/60 Darth Sidious (VR)

37/60 Destroyer Droid ®

38/60 Durge ®

39/60 Dwarf Spider Droid ®

40/60 General Grievous (VR)

41/60 Geonosian Drone ©

42/60 Geonosian Overseer (U)

43/60 Geonosian Picador on Orray ®

44/60 Geonosian Soldier (U)

45/60 Jango Fett ®

46/60 Security Battle Droid ©

47/60 Super Battle Droid (U)

48/60 Super Battle Droid (U)



49/60 Aqualish Spy ©

50/60 Aurra Sing (VR)

51/60 Devaronian Bounty Hunter ©

52/60 Gran Raider ©

53/60 Ishi Tib Scout (U)

54/60 Klatooinian Enforcer ©

55/60 Nikto Soldier ©

56/60 Quarren Raider (U)

57/60 Rodian Mercencary (U)

58/60 Weequay Mercenary ©

59/60 Wookiee Commando (U)

60/60 Zam Wesell ®


Ahh, hell. I may eventually have to get these all as well but definately not right away. I want to complete the RS set before I even start looking at prices for CS.

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Originally posted by ZBomber

Why is Zam in THE FRINGE? Didn't she only work for the Sepratists (Well, Jango, who was hired by the Sepratists)


She's a Bounty Hunter. Jango should be Fringe as well, not Seperatist. If I were getting that, I'd make it a house rule to have him Fringe.


I got my minis today, finally. It was shipped UPS when I opted Priority Mail. I got screwed out of a couple bucks and a couple of days of not having them. I pulled 4 duplicate R/ VRs (Mara, Han, Bossk, Vader Sith Lord). I've already arranged some trades. Mara for Dengar, Han for Tarkin, and 9 different stormies for Leia Senator and 4-LOM. I talked to a guy last week who wanted Sith Vader for his duplicate Boba. I'll do my best to seek him out. He's right in the area so I may not need to pay shipping. The other R/ VRs I pulled were pretty cool. I got 3P0, Veers, Chewie, Leia Slave, Lando, Scout on Speeder (supposedly harder to get than Fett :D) and Jabba (my favorite I pulled today). I dunno if I should get a few more boosters or just get the ones I'm missing second hand. I'll try to get rid of my duplicate Bossk first and then get the boosters.


Oh, I didn't get to play Halo 2. We got a memo saying we couldn't open the case before tonight at midnight :rolleyes: I put a copy aside for me to rent. I'd usually have to pay, but I got a free rental coupon for preordering a Nintendo DS :)

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I just beat Halo 1 last night. Gonna start Halo 2 tonight. Better hurry though, because it's due back on Wednesday!


I heard the ending sucked (cliffhanger), but everything else is gold :D And while my friends all seem to hate the ending (they didn't spoil it for me), it will set Halo 3 up to be the best in the series. Or so they say ;) Just sucks you have to wait until November 2006 for it though.


On topic with minis, they just made a 'Ultimate Missions' scenario/ rule book. It has two new maps and tons of new ways to play the game. It's overpriced at $30, so I'll get it off Amazon for $20. Or get it for Xmas. You don't play the game so you could probably care less.


Oh, I got my Tarkin in the mail, getting Leia Senator and 4-LOM, and a Dengar as mentioned above. I'm also gonna get a Greedo for two Twi'lek bodyguards. R2 would be the only R I'd need then.

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Well, I'll give the guy who has Boba a week to get in touch with me. If we never get together, I've got the same trade lined up with another guy that'll I'll go with. Either way, I shall have my Boba! Can't wait to play with him and a few other bounty hunters against some unique heavy teams :D

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Thank God the good bulk of them look crappy or else I know I wouldn't have been able to resist their lure and would be out of alot more money :p. I will definately get all the Fringe (except Aurra and Zam) and the generic Jedi/ Sith.


Reminds me of Jaden Korr from JA; at least the one I made



This one is like the Sith Witch concept art from TPM, before there was a Darth Maul



I think the majority of the Jedi look awesome and I've seen some scans of their stats. Mace fricken owns Yoda :eek: .


I think I'll get KotOR II this Monday, and get the CS Fringers and a few more boosters for Xmas instead.

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