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WIP - Wat Tambor


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"The Techno Union Army...*garbled sounds from suit malfunction*...is at your disposal, Count."

I don't think the idea is that it was a suit malfunction (if it were a wardrobe malfunction we might have gotten an interesting peek :lol:). I think the garbled sound is the actual pronounciation of the name Techno Union Army. It's the same idea as R2-D2's astromech communication.


I know it's irrelevant here, but I just wanted to mention it.


Oh yeah, and Wat Tambor looks cool too.

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Theres no news like good news.



I'm packaging him up now, so I'll be looking for some people to test him out. I haven't been able to find me JA discs since I moved, so I can't really test him out at the moment. There were no problems before with him, and I only made slight changes to the shaders.


Send me a PM if you are interested and include what brand of video card you have. I don't need to know what size, speed, etc. just if it's an Ati, Nvidia, Voodoo, etc. I put the shaders on thick, so I want to see what sticks.

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Yeah, once I moved and started work again, I had little free time outside of work and sleep. I was able to find some time last weekend to finish the textures.


I really just wanted to get it done by the time episode 3 came out.

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Hey, is anyone working on a General Grievous model? Whoa baby. I finally got to see Clone wars on DVD.....All's I gots ta say is EP3 is gonna wrokc!!


Oh...yeah. The topic. Uh....the model looks cool Kman. BTW, SOTE Mod will be ready for the Xizor model soon.

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Looks great - glad you removed that damn skirt.


Just one thing... The boots look they could so with a bit of work (More detailing) - those are just the plain JA boots.

(Hapslash has a great little tweak that makes the damn things look way better)

Impressive texture work too!

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I finally found my install disks, so I was able to check him out in-game. I'm going to update the game, and see if that borked anything in the process.


Well, if nobody else spots any bugs with the model, I'll post the final version of the model up sometime next week.

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On the A New Hope page for the Imperial Navy Trooper, check out the screeny of the boots.

Also The Page for the Imperial officer for a front view. And on the Return Of The Jedi page for the Scout Trooper.

Basically, he moves a few verticies around on the part of the boot where the top part meets the ankle, and adds a heel to the back of the boot.

It's kinda hard to see but it looks better than the standard foot.

Also, those "Rings" (Texture with bolts on it) on the upper part of the boot look like they should stick out like on the arms.

Probably not worth the effort though.

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