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Problem with the current server browser (1.00a)

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Because of the way the server browser now works, it's hard to find the best server to join. It's all random, atleast mostly. Since they don't auto-update themselves, you have to go through the list and random pick ones to update. It lists every server alphabetically until you "ping" or "update" it by clicking on it. Thus, some of my favorite servers "TexasGameServers.com" etc. I haven't been playing on and they are empty. Why? Perhaps it's because it's 4am on a Monday (err Tuesday) but it's probably because they are last alphabetically so people aren't "updating" and thus not joining them.

In order to play on what WERE my favorite servers, I have to remember their name, scroll down (which is no easy task because if you sit on any one server for too long it will be pinged and placed at the top of the list) and select it.

There really has to be a better way. This currently is pretty dumb, though nice in that it got rid of the utter frustration that joining servers use to involve.


As soon as the patch went live my favorite servers are all empty (I can see via XFire) but all the recent ones I have joined are servers that start with a symbol (something that would alphabetically be at the top of the list). As it stands the entire server list doesn't update. So some good servers could easily be overlooked. They'll be at the bottom of the list, no one will look to join them and people who do will see they are empty. There will be a rush to name every server with a ! or ~ in front.

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I think that this is actually worse than the old one... I was getting good of "fishing" for the server that I wanted to join. Now this is just rediculous, and there is not real way to get into a good game.


I like to play with NO AI, and I can't seem to find a server that has players, and has no AI. This is rediculous. It is like making a nice bowl of Ice Cream, and then taking a big warm steamer right on the top. This game "would" be fun if you could play it...




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