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What did they look like when they lived?


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La la la old thread revival!


Anyway, I remembered the other day that for a long time I've wanted to take pictures of grim fandango characters and sort of "trace" them, and modify it to be alive people, how I've sorta pictured them... So yes, here's a semi-traced picture of Meche, with a drawing of Manny that's re-done from a semi-traced picture. <-confusing.




Yeeep. I'll probably re-do it later... better... but for now here's my interpretation.


So anyone else have any other ideas on what people might look like?

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I never thought on how would they look like in skin before.

Anyway, I couldn't resist it.

It Could be done better but here is mine:




Manny makes me think of Ben from Full Throttle even though I thought on a mix between Bogarth and Jorge Negrete (but without moustache)!!!

She's more like Sean Young in Blade Runner.

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Whoa, the both of you absolutely rock as artists! My heart nearly stopped when I saw those. I think I prefer elbiolin's Manny (I love it how he looks so world weary) but Rubacava's Meche really has that unique look in her. Amazing work, both of you. :D


You should definitely post there at the DOD.

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I erased some of the corners on Manny's face. I like it better now.




With Mercedes I tried to give her a look more like a mexican actress from black and white movies. More rounded face and without a straight nose. I like her better than my Manny!!!


Here's Domino:




He's more like a pimp.

Maybe I'll go on with Nick and Olivia. But I don't think someone would be interested on those.

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Maybe I'll go on with Nick and Olivia. But I don't think someone would be interested on those.


Are you kidding? I love Nick and Olivia so much that I can't put it into words. Now I love you too for drawing them, and right now you're the best person in the world for drawing them. They look stunning! Domino rocks as well, but N&O are close to my heart that I love them more.

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Thanks, Frenkieee! Those 9 on 10 made me blush.


I like Domino too, SeaTurtle. Thanks! I think he was the easiest character to do together with Sal.


And talking about Sal, here's Limones:




And here, Don Copal:




I imagine him bold and with a wig. A short and pretentious guy that likes to yell to his employees to hide his weakness.


And finally Lola:




In this case she's a kind of Marlene Dietrich.

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I guess I have a problem with my clock in this forum because I'm sure I replied to Frenkieee and SeaTurtle before your first post, VampireNaomi.


VampireNaomi:"it feels like it's Christmas or something ..."


No. It's not Christmas. I'm wating for job to do so I need to grab a pencil from time to time. I'm just a little nervous.


VampireNaomi:"I think you can find some if not all cut scenes at YouTube."


I found that cutscenes are stiil up on Ninth-World at he WaybackMachine (Archive.Org)

It's kind of strange since much of the rest of the site - like the screenshots - are lost.


VampireNaomi:"Lola looked a little weird at first, ..."


They all looked weird at first. They are just a bunch of lines on skulls. No eyes, no nose, no lips, but at the same time they draw themselves.

I guess they did like this at first and then pulled out the skin and made the skulls.



VampireNaomi:"... but now that I've stared at her for a while, I'm growing to like her."


Oh, that's Lily Marlene's Charming.

(Anyway I prefer Madelaine Kahn doing Lily Marlene)

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